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How to Budget for a Vacation When Prices Keep Rising

by Staff

Everybody deserves a vacation, but with the eye-popping prices caused by inflation and travel demand, it doesn’t always feel feasible to have one. Things have been improving as the rate of inflation has slowed down. When comparing October 2023 airfare prices versus October 2022, U.S. airfares are down 13.2% according to the latest set of Consumer Price Index data released in November 2023. Car rentals price are also lower — down 9.6% versus October last year and hotel prices are relatively flat over the past year according to NerdWallet

Slowing inflation is good news but it doesn’t wipeout the increases that are now baked into prices. But don’t let trip costs discourage you. There are ways to properly budget for your vacation and get the trip you’ve been dreaming of. It just requires a little flexibility, some time and a lot of planning.  

Plan your trip early

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