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How To Get More Tourists In Cities: Skylines 2

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Cities: Skylines 2 is all about making a sprawling and efficient town, but you can also increase its attractiveness to increase the amount of visiting tourists. When your city is still small, you probably won’t have too many tourists, but as your city evolves, more will arrive.


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In this guide, we are going to go over how to increase tourism and attract more tourists to your city. Rather than plopping down a few impressive tourist attractions, you will need to increase attractiveness, which can be done through a few other methods, which we will go over as well.

What Is City Attraction?

cities skylines 2 city attractiveness and tourism loverlay

The attractiveness of your city is basically how nice it is. Certain buildings and structures can boost attraction, which usually affects an area around wherever it is placed. From the Info Views menu, you can check out your city’s attractiveness by heading to the Tourism tab (shaped like a blue suitcase).

Here, the total attractiveness of a city is shown, with greener areas being more attractive. On the info panel, you can also see the total number of tourists, weather effects, and the average nightly cost of a hotel.

In the image above, you can see that the example city has a city attractiveness of 55, which is pretty average. Weather doesn’t really affect tourism here, and there are around 7,463 tourists that visit each month.

Tourist Attractions

cities skylines 2 water park info

One of the best ways to increase tourism in your city is to build tourist attractions. There are three main attractions, however, if you add your Paradox account, you can also unlock the Medieval Castle, which functions as a tourist attraction.

Below, you can check out the attractiveness of these buildings.

Tourist Attraction


Observation Tower

40 Attractiveness

+75 Indoor Recreation

Bronze Statue

50 Attractiveness

+25 Outdoor Recreation

Water Park

75 Attractiveness

+25 Summer Season Recreation

Medieval Castle

85 Attraction

+20 Indoor Recreation

These buildings will become available once you unlock the tourist attraction node of the parks and recreation tree.

Try not to place four main tourist attractions in a residential area; they will draw in tourists, which also means more traffic.

Smaller parks, plazas, and sports fields will generate attraction, but not as much as the designated tourist attractions. These smaller locations are great for neighborhoods, as well as locations around main destinations to add some variation.

How To Build Hotels

cities skylines 2 hotel with person walking in

Hotels are where your tourists will stay. A city with no hotels won’t attract many tourists, as they have nowhere to go.

From the tourism overlay menu, hotels will appear in purple, allowing you to spot them easily.

Rather than building hotels yourself, they will spawn themselves in commercial zones once you unlock the tourist attraction node. This means that already-built commercial zones will not have a hotel within. Fortunately, you can just zone some more commercial zones around a tourist attraction, and hotels will begin to appear.

If your city is lacking in tourists but you have attractions, consider looking at the tourism overlay. You may just need more hotels added to the tourist areas.

If not enough hotels are spawning, consider bulldozing a few non-hotels and see if hotels appear in their place.

How To Set Up Transportation For Tourists

cities skylines 2 boat leaving dock

Tourism goes hand-in-hand with having a good transportation system. If you do not have a transportation system, some tourists may not be able to reach your city or other attractions that are far away. Let’s take a look at outer-city and inner-city transportation.

Outer-City Transportation

Outer-city transportation involves bringing people from other cities to your own, which can be done via water, air, train, or highway. When you scroll to the borders of the map, you can see arrows that show connecting cities. When placing routes for transportation that connect to the border, you can include the city in the route.

For example, if you have a train running through the map, find where it touches the border. When you connect your own train station to the tracks, you can start the route in your city, and then click on the border icon, which then includes the external city in the route.

You will also be able to do this for buses, boats, and airplanes. To bring in tourists, we suggest setting up an outer-city train route, as well as planes that go to neighboring locations.

Inner-City Transportation

cities skylines 2 citizens walking to train station

Within the city, you can create a network for transportation. You can place bus, tram, and subway stops in tourist areas if there is a distance between them. With enough public transportation options, tourists will be able to visit multiple locations within the city.

Additionally, local stops can be placed near locations that connect to other cities, such as harbors and airports. Once a tourist lands after traveling from another city by plane, they can just hop on the subway and travel to a tourist area/hotel.

If you are struggling to deal with traffic while planning your public transportation, we suggest focusing on subways. With a subway system underground, you can place the tracks as efficiently as possible without causing any potential traffic jams.

You can change the price of tickets for a transportation route; lower prices mean that the route is accessible to more people.

Tips To Increase Tourism

cities skylines 2 streamline diner

So, you know all about tourism, but how do you increase it? Overall, just focus on building tourist attractions and parks while providing enough hotels and transportation. You can also place signature buildings, which provide a variety of effects.

For example, the Streamline Diner shown above gives your city a one percent boost in attractiveness, while the building itself has an attraction of six. Signature buildings are a great way to increase attraction while providing an array of bonuses.

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