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Home Vacation ‘I went on holiday with my boyfriend – and ended up falling in love with someone else’

‘I went on holiday with my boyfriend – and ended up falling in love with someone else’

by Staff

A young woman from the US moved thousands of miles away from her home in America to live in Ipswich, UK, and be with a man she met while on holiday – despite making pals with him while travelling with her boyfriend. The chance meeting in Panama City Beach, Florida, led to a whirlwind romance as she says it was “love at first sight”.

Kara, 28, claims their magnetic first meeting left her unable to stay away from British man James and it certainly seems to have paid off as after just eight months of knowing one another they were married. However, their initial meeting wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Kara was visiting the Spinnakers Beach Club, in Florida, USA, after winning a dance contest and being up to with $1,000 in the next round. Accompanied by her sister, now ex-boyfriend, and his best friend, they were waiting to get called up to dance when James and his brother, along with their friends, approached them to ask for recommendations on good places to eat.

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She explained to Leightons Opticians: “The first thing I noticed was James’ smile and then his eyes. I won’t lie. I thought he was trouble! There was something between us, though. I can’t even explain it.

“We hung out with them during the day, and they asked us if we would be interested in coming back later to hang out since they didn’t really know anyone. We all showed up to eat food, but after that, my boyfriend and his friend said they were going to go back to the hotel for a bit and that they would be right back.”

The couple have since travelled around Europe together as well as the US (Image: Leightons Opticians)

Kara’s boyfriend never returned though. She noted: “Needless to say, they never came back. I kept trying to call them, but they didn’t answer me. As fate would have it, this meant that I hung out with James and his friends the whole evening and found that James and I had a lot in common.”

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