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‘I’m not rich just savvy’ mum shares how she manages to take children on four holidays a year

by Staff

A mum who takes her kids on four holidays a year said her son visited 30 countries before the age of seven.

Chloe Rushworth is doing all she can to ensure that her children inherit her lifelong love of travelling. The 34-year-old first took her son Edison abroad to Spain when he was just 11 weeks old.

Now, at the age of seven, he has already clocked up 45,880 miles travelling to more than 30 countries. The mum-of-two, who frequently posts about their travels on her Instagram account @thewhitepinesproject, regularly shares tips and tricks about how to get away on holiday with your kids, without breaking the bank.

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Chloe told the Mirror. “I know not everyone can travel, it is not a cheap thing to do, but going away with (the kids) is important. I go on four holidays a year. I don’t have unlimited money, I’m not rich. I’m just really savvy.”

The mum got the travel bug as a child, when her parents took her on package holidays and to a variety of “random places”, including on family coach trips to beer festivals in Germany.

The Rushworth family prioritise going on holiday(Image: Supplied)

Chloe has loved exploring with her children and says she has made amazing memories of her boys when they were on holiday. She added: “We’ve had some fantastic experiences. Italy and Madeira were both very child-friendly, I would highly recommend. We went on a cruise last year which had so much for the kids to do and explore, there was never a dull moment.”

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