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India’s 10 Longest Non-Stop Flights

by Staff

One route makes the world’s top 10 longest list.


  • As expected, Bengaluru to San Francisco is India’s longest non-stop route.
  • Yet it is ‘only’ ninth globally.
  • United had scheduled the return of three Indian routes in March/April, all of which are already served by Air India, but they are not bookable.

Between February and June, India’s average flight distance – domestic and international combined – covers 791 miles (1,273 km). For international service, it is two-and-a-half times greater, heavily influenced, of course, by the huge amount of service to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

India’s 10 longest non-stop routes

They are summarized in the following table. The order will change when Air India finally announces its coming routes to Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. I will update the table as and when it happens.


Air India Carried More Than 1 Million US Passengers In 2023

These were its busiest routes in the year to October.

Notice Bengaluru to San Francisco, comfortably India’s longest non-stop airport pair. Despite the enormous length, it ‘only’ ranks ninth globally for non-stop flights. Number eight is Singapore to Los Angeles, which covers 0.79% more distance, based on GCMap information.

Miles (km)

Maximum block time*

Airport pair


February-June flights on all airlines**

Aircraft and other details

8,701 (14,003)

17h 50m

Bengaluru to San Francisco

Air India

Three weekly


8,406 (13,529)

17h 25m

Mumbai to San Francisco

Air India

Four weekly


7,807 (12,565)

15h 45m

Mumbai to Newark

Air India

Three weekly


7,799 (12,551)

15h 40m

Mumbai to New York JFK

Air India



7,706 (12,402

15h 45m

Delhi to San Francisco

Air India

11 weekly


7,506 (12,080)

15h 50m

Delhi to Washington Dulles

Air India

Five weekly


7,484 (12,044)

15h 25m

Delhi to Chicago O’Hare

Air India



7,324 (11,786)

16h 55m (!)

Delhi to Newark

Air India, United

Up to 18 weekly

787-9 (United, daily to double daily***), 777-200LR/300ER (Air India, four weekly)

7,318 (11,777)

16h 55m (!)

Delhi to JFK

Air India, American

Double daily

777-300ER (Air India, daily); 777-300ER (American, daily)

7,246 (11,662)

16h 45m (!)

Delhi to Toronto

Air Canada, Air India

Double daily

777-200LR (Air Canada, daily); 777-300ER (Air India, daily)

* Either direction across airlines

** Each way; note my comments about United under this table

*** Reduces to daily on March 31

A note on United in India

March 31, the day northern airlines will switch to summer schedules, was to be significant for United’s Indian operation. Looking at its schedules from India shows Mumbai-Newark and Delhi-San Francisco were to resume then; both were last served in early 2022. They were to be followed by Delhi-Chicago O’Hare on April 1 (no joke); it was last served in January 2023.

A United Airlines Boeing 787-9 flying in the sky.

Photo: Markus Mainka | Shutterstock

While the trio remain scheduled in Cirium and OAG, they are not bookable, so they were not included in the table above. Do you think they will return at any point?

What do you make of it all? Let us know in the comment section.

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