Love Island winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan soaked up the sun during a luxurious getaway to the Caribbean ahead of their huge milestone.

Kai and Sanam will soon be marking their first anniversary since winning the winter series of Love Island in March 2023.

The couple looked just as loved-up as they did a year ago as they jetted off to Trinidad and Tobago, where Sanam was born, in the days leading up to their heartwarming milestone.

Sanam looked stunning in a bright pink swimsuit and red summer dress, while Kai held her hand tightly as they beamed on the beach jetty and shared an intimate moment in the tropical sea.

They also made sure to spend time with her family while exploring the nearby waterfalls and sprawling beaches.

Let’s take a closer look inside their loved-up getaway ahead of their anniversary…

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Sanam Harrinanan took to Instagram to share a series of stunning snaps from their lavish trip. One showed the brunette beauty donning a bright pink swimsuit as she posed on the white sand beaches while leaning against a topical tree.

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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The Love Island winners looked just as loved-up as they did a year ago as they sweetly held hands and beamed at the camera while on a wooden jetty.

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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Sanam looked radiant as she wore a red strap summer dress with white sandals while posing in front of the island’s beloved and iconic sign.

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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They spent quality time with Sanam’s family in Trinidad and Tobago, as she gushed in the caption: “Had the most fun ever going back home and visiting my family and actually exploring the country I was born in!”

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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They certainly made the most of the tropical weather as they spent time on the sprawling white sand beaches with tropical trees lining the shore.

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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The couple shared an intimate moment while in the crystal clear sea, almost a year since they won Love Island.

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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Sanam beamed and shielded the sun from her eyes as she explored the area with her beloved family.

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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They visited the nearby waterfalls where Sanam floated in pure relaxation!

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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Sanam looked thrilled to be visiting her home country as she posed in her pink swimwear and oversized white shirt with the all-important water shoes!

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)

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The island looked breathtaking from the secluded waterfalls to the sprawling beaches.

(Image: Instagram/Sanam Harrinanan)