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Inside Stacey Solomon’s half-term caravan holiday as Joe Swash shows off £60K motorhome

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Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have headed off on their February half-term motorhome adventure along with five of their six children. It comes after former EastEnders star, Joe, 42 made a bet with Stacey, 34, that if they went clubbing on Valentine’s Day they could go camping with the kids.

Much to Stacey’s surprise, Joe rocked up in their new £59,000 motorhome complete with bunk beds for the kids and a double bed for the doting parents. While the Sort Your Life Out star was hesitant about taking her tiny tots away in the campervan, it looked like it was the right choice as she gushed about it being “magical.”

Taking to Instagram with a series of highlights from their family getaway, Stacey wrote: “On The Craziest Adventure Ever, 5 kids, 1 me, 1 Joe Swash & a caravan. I fell asleep somewhere in Essex & woke up looking for the Loch Ness monster. Joe’s never been happier. Day one has been all about Inverness, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

“I don’t know what I imagined travelling like this would be. Although it is hard with such little ones, it’s magical. And I don’t think I’ve ever felt so free. And off the grid. I feel Like we can go anywhere & do anything. It’s special. I don’t say this lightly… Joe was right. Happy Sunday Everyone. Lots of love from all of us! “

Let’s take a closer look inside their campervan adventure…

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Joe and Stacey have six children between them – Joe has a son Harry, 15, with ex-partner Emma Sophocleous, while Stacey has two teenage sons, Zachary, 15, and Leighton, 11, from previous relationships.

They also share three young children, Rex, four, Rose, two, and daughter Belle, who turned one last week. On Instagram, Stacey confirmed five of their children were on the half-term adventure.

(Image: Instagram/Stacey Solomon)

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The couple beamed outside their new campervan having arrived in Scotland for their half-term adventure!

(Image: Instagram/Stacey Solomon)

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Stacey added a touch of home with some pink tulips hung by the motorhome window and posted a video as she washed up with the stunning views looking out at Loch Ness.

(Image: Instagram/Stacey Solomon)

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As the “big boys and girls had a van nap” Stacey went for a walk with her son Rex and gushed it was “soooooo beautiful.”

(Image: Instagram/Stacey Solomon)

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The doting mum shared that Rex was “obsessed” with finding the Loch Ness monster as they explored the area and kept their eyes peeled!

(Image: Instagram/Stacey Solomon)

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Stacey and Joe took to Instagram on Sunday evening with an update as they confessed to feeling “f**king knackered” after day one but still had four more days of their campervan adventure.

(Image: Instagram/Stacey Solomon)

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Joe, who came up with the idea for the half-term trip, has also taken to Instagram with a series of highlights. One of which showed him hugging Stacey who was holding a cup of tea, he added the caption: “Five kids in a motorhome, 18 hours travelling, and after all that I think my wife looks amazing.”

(Image: Instagram/Joe Swash)

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In another snap, he beamed as he held their youngest daughter Belle.

(Image: Instagram/Joe Swash)

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The doting parents have made sure to keep their followers update on the family adventure as they explore more of Scotland in the camper with their five children.

(Image: Instagram/Joe Swash)

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