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Insider tricks to nab the best holiday and flight deals in the January sales

by Staff

Travel experts at have shared some of their tips for keeping costs low when booking a holiday this January, including when to book and how to access deals reserved for people in different countries

These six tips could help you save money when booking a holiday(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Knowing when to buy and how to hide yourself from sneaky airline pricing tricks could save you a packet when looking for cheap flights.

On cold, damp January days, casting your mind to a warmer, sunnier place can be a helpful and much needed way to banish the gloom. Given the state of many people’s bank accounts post festivities, getting a good deal is key. The demand for travel since the Covid pandemic has led to a steep rise in airline ticket prices around the world. Air fares rose by 20% between April and May 2023 alone, with some of the highest rises for European flights.

Luckily, there are still deals to be found – and the experts at have shared some of their best travel tips for keeping costs low when booking a holiday.

Booking on the wrong day of the week can prove costly (Getty Images)

Shahab Siddiqui, founder of said: “With the cost of living taking a toll on people’s budget and flight fares increasing by a staggering 20%, those hoping to get away on the cheap are concerned. Even so-called budget airlines are increasing prices, and combined with the cost of additional add-ons like luggage, booking a holiday can be excruciatingly expensive. Brits should watch out for any last-minute deals for getaways while the boxing day sales are on.”

Go incognito

While it doesn’t always make a difference, searching in incognito or private mode may drive down prices for flights by stopping airlines from clocking that you’re as keen a customer as you may be.

Use a VPN

Downloading a VPN can unlock lower airline prices as some holiday companies use location data, as well as other browsing habits, to alter on-screen prices. VPNs can make it appear as if you are in any country, opening up a much bigger range of potential bargains.

Compare airline prices

It’s not always just the budget airlines which provide the best prices, especially if you’re willing to alter your route or fly from a different departure airport. It is always worth searching around to find which deals work best for you and considering a connecting flight, which could knock hundreds off the overall travel price.

Discount codes

Checking for discount codes online is a quick and easy way to bring down costs. Check airline social media sites, dedicated coupon websites and travel forums. Students, NHS staff and the military may also be able to get unique perks.

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