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Isabella Strahan stuns in vacation snaps with sister Sophia and takes a dip in the pool on Bahamas getaway

by Staff

ISABELLA and Sophia Strahan have shown off their backsides in string bikinis.

They took a trip to the Bahamas with their friends.

Sophia and Isabella Strahan show off their butts in string bikinis while on vacation in the BahamasCredit: Instagram/isabellastrahan
The twins took a getaway and time off school as Isabella battles brain cancerCredit: Instagram/sophialstrahan

Late night on Tuesday, Isabella, 19, shared a video of herself and her twin to her Instagram Stories.

They hung out on the side of a pool with the water flowing behind them.

Michael’s daughters were faced backward and their butts were on display as they wore thong bikinis.

Sophia had on a blue one while Isabella rocked a black one.

There were palm trees and mountains in the background.

Isabella and Sophia are currently on a girls’ trip with their friends.

Sophia shared photos to her feed of her posing on a beach in a long dress and then posing with Isabella’s roommate, Lauren.

“Stealing your roomie @isabellastrahan,” she captioned the post.

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“How nice of you. Give her back now,” Isabella replied.


The getaway came a few days after Isabella announced that she has a brain tumor.

She shares the news on Good Morning America with her father, Michael, by her side.

The model was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in late October and had emergency surgery to remove a golf ball-sized mass in the back of her brain.

Medulloblastoma is a rare condition that accounts for about 20% of all childhood brain tumors, according to the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience.

Isabella broke down in tears on GMA after she revealed what was next for her and how rare her condition is.

She recently just finished radiation.


Isabella has been detailing her battle through YouTube videos.

In her first video, she talked about her journey battling cancer and what she had been through.

Isabella admitted that she couldn’t celebrate the Sephora ad she did in May 2023, like she typically does when the ads she stars in are published, because of her diagnosis.

Normally she would go to the nearest store to take a selfie in front of the ad she was featured on, but she hasn’t because she doesn’t “really feel like herself” currently.

On top of that, the model said she also doesn’t feel “like the person in the ad.”

Isabella didn’t sugarcoat her struggles to those watching.

“These past two months [have been] rough [and] challenging. It’s been very hard,” she said in the video.

Despite this difficult time, Isabella is looking on the bright side.

“I know I’ll get through it. And I know time will heal,” the college student positively professed.

Sophia also shared a photo with Isabella’s college roommate and said that she was going to steal herCredit: Instagram/Sophia Strahan
Isabella has been leaning on her twin sister Sophia for supportCredit: Instagram/sophialstrahan
Isabella was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in late October and had to receive emergency surgery on her brainCredit: YouTube/ Isabella Strahan

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