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It’s Sam’s Turn: Taking a vacation in my apartment – Alexandria Echo Press

by Staff

From time to time, I find myself exploring a new YouTube channel or series. And recently my newest binge is content related to the highways and interstates in the United States.

It all started with a YouTube video by Chris Attrell, where he explored ghost towns and abandoned places along the old Route 66. I also watched a Vice video about the history of Route 66. I’ve always had a fascination with the route and would like to maybe one day spend a couple of weeks driving what I can of the old route both ways.

These videos led me to a new YouTube channel called Control City Freak, which is centered around the signs you see on the contiguous United States Interstates (along with roads in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and more) and the destinations (control cities) they guide drivers to.

I’m not sure how many of the 157 videos on Control City Freak’s channel I’ve watched in the last two weeks, but I feel like I’ve watched 70% of his videos so far.

As someone who has traveled the entire U.S. Midwest, most of the southeastern U.S. (excluding Mississippi and South Carolina), but has traveled much of the northeast U.S. (excluding Pennsylvania) or the western U.S. (excluding Colorado and Nevada), seeing his videos that use Google street views to show viewers the scenery on an interstate, allows me to see sights I haven’t yet seen and maybe will see.

I haven’t been to Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Seattle, etc, so watching these videos feels like I’m going on a vacation from inside my apartment.

Being on the Interstate Highway System also gives me memories from my early childhood days. My family would travel from our home in Ames, Iowa, to a plethora of locations in the Midwest and southeastern United States. Common destinations on these trips were Wichita, Kansas; Louisville, Kentucky; Fort Wayne, Indiana; but also included longer road trips to places like Akron/Cleveland, Ohio; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Orlando, Florida.

We took most of these trips as a collective unit on a team RV or in our family Astro minivan or a Chevrolet suburban. On a side note, these RV trips have made me really fond of RVs and the movie, RV.

I often look back on the games played on these trips, whether that be video games on the GameCube, my PlayStation Portable, or what we called the 50 States game. The objective of the 50 States game was to get a notebook, see what other state plates you see traveling on the interstate, write them down, and see if you can cover all 50 states by the time you reach the destination.

I think another reason I’m fascinated by hearing the stories others have while traveling the roads in not only the United States but the world. I don’t have too many stories that are special. The only memories I have of note are specifically traveling the interstates. Experiences that stand out are traveling mishaps along I-76 in Colorado; I-80 in Nebraska; and getting food poisoning from eating shrimp at a diner at a truck stop in Grand Island, Nebraska (yes, I know this was a very bad idea).

I would be interested in other people’s road trip stories. Email them to [email protected].

Sam Stuve covers a variety of sports in the Douglas County area. He also is assigned to do some news stories as well.

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