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Jasmin Bhasin slams airline for ruining her vacation plans, says ‘had the worst flight of my life’- Republic World

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Sandra Huller is currently awaiting the release of her next project, The Zone of Interest. The war-crime film, directed by Jonathan Glazer, features the German actress in the role of Hedwig Hoss. Not just this, Huller will also be seen in legal thriller Anatomy of a Fall. Both these films premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, while Anatomy of a Fall went on to bag the coveted Palme d’Or, The Zone of Interest was felicitated with the Grand Prix runner up prize. Huller recently reflected on her work in both.

Sandra Huller broke a personal rule to star in The Zone of Interest

During her appearance on Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast, Sandra Huller revealed a personal rule of hers she chose to willingly forego, in order to star in The Zone of Interest. Huller revealed that when she was first sent a scene from the film, she simply saw it as one portraying an argument between a couple, not knowing that the characters were in fact, Auschwitz Commandant Rudolf Höss and his wife, Hedwig.

She said, “From the fascist side, I didn’t really understand why they should be portrayed over and over again. Because there is this sort of cruelty in it that you just can’t take away, and it does something to you and your body. This sort of re-reenactment of certain behavior, that I didn’t understand why it should be done.” Speaking about why she chose to overstep her own boundary, Huller commended director Glazer for his prowess and sensitivity. She said, “Jonathan found a way to do it that I can’t really explain – it puts it to another level. And it’s a sort of spiritual thing. I can’t really explain it.”

Sandra Huller says she wants her role in Anatomy of a Fall to be perceived as ambiguous

For the unversed, Anantomy of a Fall features Sandra in the role of a woman accused of pushing her husband to his death. Speaking about the Palme d’Or victor and her role in it, the actress revealed that she has often found herself waking up at night wondering if her character truly did it – she however, emphasized on liking the ambiguity.

She said, “I think I wanted to create somebody who would be capable of doing it, I wanted certain people to be a little bit afraid of her. Because why do we always have to be sweet, and good victims and all these things? I had a little fun in leaving it in a dark.”

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