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Jet2 passenger’s £3,000 Tenerife holiday mistake as warning issued

by Staff

A Jet2 passenger has warned others about a costly mistake she made during her Tenerife holiday which ended up costing her £3,000. The mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that her family’s sunshine getaway was ruined by an unexpected nine-hour journey from the airport to their hotel.

She explained that she had booked the trip through Expedia and noticed that the hotel was advertised as ‘fully refundable’. She planned to get travel insurance to cover the flights.

However, after booking, she discovered that the hotel was a nine-hour drive transfer away, including a ferry trip.

Despite having only booked an hour earlier, and the transaction not yet appearing on her credit card, Expedia told her there was nothing they could do. They suggested she could cancel the hotel herself for a full refund, but cancelling the flights would be her responsibility. She shared her experience on Twitter before going to bed, reports Edinburgh Live.

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The situation became even more stressful when she woke at 4am to find a message from a verified account called Expedia Realising this was a scam, she immediately hung up and blocked the number.

She shared: “At 8am I rang Jet2 because their website says they’re open from then. A customer rep told me that all their flights are non-refundable. She wouldn’t let me speak to a manager or help me take my complaint further. When I asked to take it further, I was put on hold for 20 minutes and then she came back on, repeated that there was nothing they could do and again wouldn’t take it further.

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