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Jet2 passengers had holiday ruined after being put on the wrong flight

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A pair of disabled holidaymakers were accidentally put on the wrong flight by staff at the airport. Linda Trestrail, 69, and Wendy Russell, 71, were meant to be holidaying in Mallorca but ended up on a flight to Menorca.

They say they were victims of a bizarre mix-up that ruined their entire holiday. Manchester Evening News reports that they had booked a package trip through Jet2 and despite getting their tickets checked five times by different members of staff, the pair were placed on the wrong flight.

The pair only became aware of the mix-up when the plane’s captain made the announcement they were about to land in Menorca. Jet2 have now issued an apology for what they described as a “human error” and blamed it partly on the third party special assistance provider at Bristol Airport.

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The airport said it was to investigate the circumstances further. But both Linda and Wendy say they are furious about the “catalogue of disasters” and have still yet to receive any compensation.

Linda, of Plymouth, Devon, said: “You hear of bags going on the wrong flights but not people. The reason we booked Mallorca is because of the short flight, we knew our mobility wasn’t good so didn’t want to do much travelling – we are disabled pensioners.

“You get compensated if you get delayed or loose luggage – but they lost us, not the bloody baggage. Jet2 holidays, the package holidays you can trust – yeah right.”

The pair were given travel assistance on wheelchairs at Bristol Airport and helped onto the shuttle bus and onto the plane. Linda states they showed their tickets to the initial luggage desk, security, a person at the gate desk, as well as a member of ground crew staff on the bus – who even did a head count and confirmed the numbers.

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