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Jet2 passengers’ holiday ‘ruined’ as they’re flown to Menorca instead of Majorca

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Linda Trestrail, 69, and Wendy Russell, 71, have blasted Jet2 for what they called a “catalogue of disasters” as they were put on the wrong plane to the Spanish island of Menorca instead of Majorca

Linda Trestrail, 69, and Wendy Russell, 71(SWNS)

Two elderly women have blasted Jet2 saying their holiday was “ruined” after they were put on a flight to Menorca rather than Majorca.

Linda Trestrail, 69, and Wendy Russell, 71, had their tickets checked five times but still ended up on the wrong plane. The mistake was only realised when the captain announced they were landing in Menorca.

Jet2 has apologised for the “human error” and blamed it partly on the special assistance provider at Bristol Airport. But the women are angry about the “catalogue of disasters” and claim they have not received any compensation. Linda said: “You hear of bags going on the wrong flights but not people.

“The reason we booked Majorca is because of the short flight, we knew our mobility wasn’t good so didn’t want to do much travelling – we are disabled pensioners.” She added: “You get compensated if you get delayed or lose luggage – but they lost us, not the bloody baggage. Jet2 holidays, the package holidays you can trust – yeah right.”

The duo were given wheelchair assistance at Bristol Airport and helped onto the shuttle bus and plane. Linda said they showed their tickets to the luggage desk, security, a gate desk person, and a ground crew member on the bus – who even did a head count.

She added: “Jet2 are the only ones who do double security check on tickets – so they did that, and then we were directed to our seats on the flight. A cabin crew member asked if we were in the right seats, I said yes but she took our tickets away and confirmed we were in the correct seats.

The unhappy passengers said there was a “catalogue of errors”(SWNS)

“Then the captain says we’re landing in Menorca in 10 minutes! Chaos ensued. I cried to Wendy, ‘Oh my god, Wendy! He said Menorca not Majorca! I told the flight attendant we were on the wrong plane – and she burst out laughing. Our tickets were checked five times – even by the flight attendant twice on the plane. Two passengers had flown from Bristol Airport to Menorca – and Jet2 didn’t even know who was on their plane.”

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