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Kelly Ripa shares stunning new video from vacation as Live fans slam star and husband Mark Consuelos as ‘laziest hosts’

by Staff

KELLY Ripa has shared a stunning new video from vacation after Live fans slammed the star and her husband, Mark Consuelos, as lazy.

On Friday, the Live with Kelly and Mark host posted the video of her extended holiday vacation on Instagram.

Kelly Ripa shared a stunning new video from her and husband Mark Consuelos’ vacationCredit: Kelly Ripa/instagram
Kelly shared a time-lapse video that showed the sun setting into the oceanCredit: Instagram / kellyripa

Kelly, 53, shared a time-lapse video that showed the sun setting into the ocean.

The scenic video captured swimmers relaxing in the water and vacationers gliding by on boats as the sun hung below the clouds.

Kool & The Gang’s Summer Madness played in the background of the sped-up clip- its chill vibe the perfect accompaniment to the tranquil scene.

Though hard to tell due to the lighting of the video, two of the swimmers captured during the recording appeared to have silhouettes that matched Kelly and her husband Mark, 52.

All this comes after the couple were criticized by fans for not living up to the name of their talk show while on another holiday break.

Viewers ripped the TV personalities after noticing Tuesday’s show was pre-taped, despite the holidays having come to an end.

Kelly and Mark began their break shortly before Christmas but taped new episodes, or portions of episodes, to air over the last week.

Except for Monday, which was a repeat episode from October.

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On Tuesday, fans expected the Live hosts to be back with new, live broadcasts since both Christmas and New Year’s had passed.

Unfortunately for viewers, only part of that ended up happening. 

A fresh episode, featuring guests Tamron Hall and Wendy Bazilian, was still shown, but it had been pre-taped.

As the hosts walked out onto the set, the show noted at the bottom of the screen that it was “previously recorded.”

Fans shared their anger about this on social media, with one insisting they “change channel” when they see it’s not live.

The online user then blasted the hosts as the “laziest multi-millionaires in daytime TV.”

Another upset fan begged: “Please bring back live shows”

A third teased the hosts for sending viewers Happy New Year wishes on the show even though they’re not truly there.


During their time off from the morning show, the duo shared a couple of sultry snaps on social media.

In one shot, Kelly risked a wardrobe malfunction in a dangerously low-cut black top as she posed in front of a Christmas tree with Mark.

She paired the sparkly halter with a shiny red skirt, while her husband opted for a black button-up.

In another photo, Kelly went pantsless in a pair of green underwear and a matching-colored naughty holiday T-shirt.

The top featured an image of Santa Claus and text that read: “Big Nick Energy.”

The daytime TV host posed alongside Mark, who wore the same shirt in red.


Kelly called out the Live audience’s collective judgment as the hosts discussed adults living with their parents during the opening of Thursday’s episode.

While discussing various topics, Mark read an article that stated, “Most Americans, don’t judge adults who still live with their parents.”

Kell eyed the studio audience who remained silent after the statement.

She then quipped, “This audience does.”

Both Mark and the audience laughed as Kelly continued to peer out at its members.

Her husband and co-host asked, “Did you see some judgment?”

“I saw a lot of judgment,” Kelly confirmed.

Mark continued: “Indeed, almost ninety percent of [a] forty-one hundred adult survey felt like amid so much student debt and insecure job market and record-breaking inflation there shouldn’t be a stigma around the decision to live at home and save.”

He then added that he agreed with the article as Kelly asked, “When you live at home with your parents do you pay rent at a certain point?”

“I think you should,” responded Mark

“I think you should help out. I think you should definitely make it a short-term situation.”

The Riverdale actor then revealed: “Maybe I’m just projecting what I hope happens in our house when I’m staring at a thirty-five-year-old.”

Kelly quickly probed, “Who do you think that would be?”

Mark answered, “I don’t know, they all seem very independent but Lola loves being at home with us now.”

His wife agreed as she mentioned, “[Lola] does love being at home with us but I think that’s because she’s moving,” referring to their only daughter.

The co-hosts both admitted that “it’s cute,” though Kelly suspected that Lola could be “playing the long game.”

“She wants us to like leave her things I think,” she speculated on air.

Mark quickly interjected, “The house. She wants us to leave her the house.”

Kelly then suggested that Lola is being nice to them so that she and Mark would leave a “side inheritance” just for her.

Mark immediately shut that down by looking at the camera and stating, “It’s not happening.”

Two of the swimmers captured during the recording appeared to have silhouettes that matched Kelly and MarkCredit: Instagram / kellyripa
Annoyed fans ripped the hosts as the ‘laziest multi-millionaires’ in daytime TV after they aired a pre-taped episode after the holiday breakCredit: ABC
During their time off from the morning show, Kelly and Mark shared several sultry snaps on social mediaCredit: Instagram/kellyripa

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