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Kentucky Lake/ Land Between the Lakes – The Murray State News

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Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is the best getaway spot for the Murray State community. The term “spot” may be an understatement, as the area comprises 171,280 acres across Kentucky and Tennessee. 

There is no better respite from the stress of school and work than a retreat into nature, and Land Between the Lakes is one of the best places to experience the landscape of western Kentucky. The recreation area offers a variety of camping options, as well as multiple recreational and educational attractions.

One of the most popular attractions is the elk and bison prairie. Both species were once native to the area before becoming locally extinct due to overhunting and other effects of westward expansion. While the 700-acre enclosure functions primarily as a habitat for the animals to live and repopulate, it also includes a 3.5-mile loop for visitors to drive through. For a small fee, you can drive the path and see both of these species, along with other common prairie animals, up close. 

Animal lovers may also be interested in the Woodlands Nature Station, which opens for the season on March 1. The station houses multiple enclosures for animals that cannot survive in the wild for various reasons. While the attraction is a field trip staple for surrounding schools, it can be enjoyed by people of any age. 

It includes some animals that can be commonly seen throughout the region, like opossums, deer and turkeys. Some are native to the area but not often visible to us, like bobcats, coyotes and multiple species of owls. However, there is one species that makes the nature station a singular experience. These are the incredibly rare red wolves. The species is critically endangered, with its current population being estimated at less than 300.

Another attraction is the Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory. The facility has a theater equipped with a 40-foot domed screen that hosts multiple astronomy-based shows every day. There is also an observatory area with multiple telescopes.

While the attractions are all good ways to spend the day, none of them are necessary to enjoy your time at LBL. If you have a love of nature and a sense of adventure, you can spend countless hours just exploring the vast area. Whether your idea of a fun day spent in nature is hiking with friends, fishing or finding a quiet, picturesque spot to read, you can easily find your form of peace at LBL.

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