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LEGO Ideas Greek Holiday basks in the glow of 10K supporters

by Staff

Conjuring up thoughts of summer holidays and relaxing vacations, Greek Holiday is the latest LEGO Ideas model to pass the 10K mark.

Things are really starting to heat up in the first LEGO Ideas review of 2024, with 32 fan-made creations currently lining up to be selected as potential future sets. Concepts include a wide range of diverse creations, which have now been joined by yet another build that’s managed to receive approval from 10,000 supporters.

Greek Holiday is the brainchild of designer ponuryy, who has based his model on traditional architecture of the region, complete with a recognisable blue and white colour scheme. The two-storey building includes a kitchen, a small bedroom, a toilet and a bathroom inside, with access to the interior granted by various external wall sections that can be opened up.

On the outside of Greek Holiday is a colourful flower garden and grapevine pergola with a patio underneath, as well as a goat shed and chicken coop, all of which sits on a standard 32×32 baseplate. In addition, two minifigures are included with the LEGO Ideas set, as well as a sheep, a goat, two chickens and two cats.


The designer proudly states that the cherry on the top of Greek Holiday are the door, windows and shutter pieces, all of which belonged to his father, who used to make his own LEGO creations with the exact same elements 40 years earlier.

The latest LEGO Ideas submission joins the rest of the ever-expanding line-up of builds in the first review of 2024, with the winners due to be announced later this year.

Every LEGO Ideas project in the first 2024 review

Number LEGO Ideas project LEGO Ideas user Date qualified
1 Spirited Away legotruman January 10, 2024
2 Appa the Sky Bison, from Avatar the Last Airbender Yarrostudios January 10, 2024
3 Venus Flytrap Bricky_Brick January 11, 2024
4 Minerals Display ddf72 January 12, 2024
5 Dreamworks’ Shrek’s Swamp 2 AshnFlash January 12, 2024
6 Hello Kitty and Friends – 50 Years Bulldoozer January 16, 2024
7 Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch BenBuilds January 19, 2024
8 Medieval Tournament hello_zol January 24, 2024
9 Among Us: The Skeld BrickRealm101 January 25, 2024
10 Cherry Blossom Ikebana Brickcea January 28, 2024
11 Roman Forum Krackenator4 February 1, 2024
12 The Wizard of Oz – 85th Film Anniversary The Wizard of Oz February 3, 2024
13 Interstellar Minibrick Productions February 5, 2024
14 Working Suspension Railway Baron von Barron February 6, 2024
15 Metallica M72 World Tour MetalliBrick February 6, 2024
16 Suitcase Express! UsualBuilder February 7, 2024
17 Outer Wilds Minibrick Productions February 8, 2024
18 Medieval Inn by the Gatehouse _nightbricks_ February 14, 2024
19 Clockwork Solar System ChrisOrchard February 14, 2024
20 Brooklyn Nine-Nine BenFankhauser February 15, 2024
21 My Neighbor Totoro danielbradleyy February 20, 2024
22 Tower Chess Ferbrick1 February 24, 2024
23 Medieval Bee Farm J.K. Brick March 1, 2024
24 LEGO Gundam legotruman March 2, 2024
25 Dancing House, Prague paranoider March 3, 2024
26 Rocky Reef Restoration uPawelek March 3, 2024
27 The Wizard Peaks CozyBricks March 3, 2024
28 Finding Nemo – First Day of School Dani_Fus March 6, 2024
29 Coraline – The Pink Palace danielbradleyy March 8, 2024
30 Vintage Record Player AmbassadorDexterousPsyclone100 March 10, 2024
31 The Highland Cow Stormpathes March 14, 2024
32 Scooby-Doo! And the Ravenwood Mansion Tobnac March 14, 2024
33 Greek Holiday ponuryy March 16, 2024

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