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Loch Lomond Travel Sets Sights on UK Domination

by Staff

In a bold move that’s stirring up the tranquil waters of Loch Lomond, a new player has emerged on the UK’s coach holiday scene. Spearheaded by industry stalwart Chris Bond, Loch Lomond Travel is not just another travel company; it’s a vision brought to life with the aim of redefining road-bound adventures. At a time when the travel sector is finding its feet after the pandemic’s upheaval, Bond, with a rich history at Tartan Travel, Caledonian Travel, and Barrhead Travel, is steering this venture towards uncharted territories. The company, launched by the dynamic McGill’s Group, is gearing up to offer an array of coach holidays to resorts and attractions splattered across the UK’s rich tapestry.

A Fresh Journey Begins

With an initial fleet that boasts 25 state-of-the-art coaches, and the powerful backing of over 100 vehicles from its sister companies within the McGill’s Group, Loch Lomond Travel is all set to roll out its 2024 brochure. The brochure, a traveller’s guide to adventure, includes tantalizing tours like the North Coast 500 and The Greatest Railway Journey in the World on the Jacobite Train. But it’s not just about the vehicles or the destinations; it’s the vision of expansion beyond the Scottish Highlands to embrace the entire UK that sets Loch Lomond Travel apart. This ambition is driven by partnerships with top-tier hotels and sought-after destinations, promising a blend of comfort and excitement.

Strategic Alliances and the Road Ahead

The company’s strategic approach is evident in its outreach to agents, aiming to forge strong partnerships within the travel industry. This collaboration is a testament to Bond’s belief in the synergy between Loch Lomond Travel and agents, ensuring that the company’s offers reach a wider audience. Moreover, the move comes at a critical juncture when the coach holiday sector is navigating the post-pandemic landscape, marked by both challenges and opportunities. The sector’s resilience, coupled with innovative ventures like Loch Lomond Travel, signals a promising horizon for road-based tourism in the UK.

Charting a Course for Success

Behind Loch Lomond Travel’s ambitious drive is a story of resilience and determination. Owned by Scottish businessmen Sandy and James Easdale, McGill’s Group has a legacy of expansion and acquisition, including notable names like Xplore Dundee and First Scotland East. This history of growth is not just a backdrop but a foundation that Loch Lomond Travel is built upon, aiming to position itself as a key player in the UK holiday market. As the company prepares to welcome travellers on board, its journey is more than a series of destinations; it’s a testament to the enduring appeal of coach holidays and the infinite possibilities they hold.

As Loch Lomond Travel gears up to navigate the intricate map of the UK’s travel destinations, it’s not just the scenery that promises to change. The company’s vision, underpinned by strategic partnerships and a commitment to quality, sets the stage for a renaissance in coach travel. In a world eager to explore again, Loch Lomond Travel is not just offering a seat on a bus; it’s inviting adventurers to embark on a journey that reimagines the road trip.

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