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Mike Denver recalls his engagement and his honeymoon with wife Liz in favourite holiday destination

by Staff

Mike Denver has opened up on why he loves Las Vegas.

The country music star got engaged to his wife Liz there, and they came back on their honeymoon – and many other trips also.

Speaking to RSVP Magazine, he shared some of his recommendations in the area as well as some other holiday destinations he loves.

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“Las Vegas is one of those places we have always loved going to, but we haven’t been there in a few years, since our daughter Mia was born and before Covid,” Mike told us. “Going back will probably be on the backburner now for a couple of years, but we have had some of my favourite holidays of all time there. We’ve been there a good few times over the years.

“I love going to see some of the big shows. There’s always great shows on, so when we’re there we would go to one nearly every night. The weather is always good, you can lay out by the pool during the day and relax, and play a few cards then at night. Something small just for a bit of fun, because it’s more about the atmosphere. There’s always a great buzz around Vegas. It’s different from anywhere else in the world; you can go there to relax, you can go there to party and you can go there if you just want a good time. Whatever you want, you can find it in Las Vegas.”

When it comes to the best memories there, it’s all about him and his wife Liz.

“We got engaged in Vegas, we went out to the Grand Canyon,” he said. “That was about 14 years ago. We went back there on our honeymoon and we’ve just had so many great times there, I can’t count.”

When it comes to other holiday destinations nowadays, the couple have their eye on places their daughter Mia would love.

See pictures from Mike Denver’s trip to Disneyland below

“When Mia came along, we didn’t really do many holidays and it was during the lockdowns, but recently we went to Disneyland Paris with her,” said Mike. “It was very relaxed – she was nearly a bit too young for it, she didn’t really get the whole thing! So we’ll definitely go back there in a few years time, when she’s a little bit older. We want to take her to Florida when she’s seven or eight or even a bit older to get the whole buzz from it and soak in the atmosphere.”

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