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Mom Just Wanted A Dream Vacation For Her Family, But A Bad Experience Left Them All Hungry. – ‘I’m noticing that they all have two bread baskets.’ » TwistedSifter

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Source: TikTok/@@greyareabybecca

Going on vacation is something everyone looks forward to but if you don’t get the service you expected, it can really ruin some of your break.

TikToker @greyareabybecca told her followers how she’d stayed at a hotel and booked dinner for her family for Christmas Eve, only to be told there was no reservation.

She told her followers: “I am on vacation right now and I had not a good experience…”

The woman and her family managed to finally get seated after it transpired a table of six didn’t show but they had to wait over a half hour, she said.

Source: TikTok/@@greyareabybeccaSource: TikTok/@@greyareabybecca

But more problems arose when the menu couldn’t be adjusted for the woman, who’s vegan. While there was no bread for her two-year-old, who was hungry.

The TikToker was particularly annoyed about this because she said other tables had bread baskets.

“We waited and we waited for this bread. The bread didn’t show up,” she said.

She told the staff: “My son is hungry, so can we have the bread that you talked about?”

Source: TikTok/@@greyareabybeccaSource: TikTok/@@greyareabybecca

The TikToker said a staff member responded:  “Oh, we’re sorry, there’s no bread.”

“I’m looking at all the other tables and I’m noticing that they all have two bread baskets,” she added. “I’m not gonna make any assumptions. But every other table was ‘w’ people.”

This is a reference to white people. The TikToker asked for bread again and a staff member got one white roll from another area but the little boy “gobbled it up” and was “asking for more.”

Source: TikTok/@@greyareabybeccaSource: TikTok/@@greyareabybecca

“So I’m watching them, and they start to clear bread from the next table,” she says of the staff. “And all of a sudden, a bread basket appears at our table.”

The mom was beyond frustrated by the end of it and said of the service: “Even if you felt that we shouldn’t have had that reservation, I would hope that you would still treat us as human beings.”

Yikes, this does not sound an ideal experience! Let’s hope this lady got some kind of feedback from the hotel.

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the vacation bread shortage:

Some feel the family deserves money back.

Source: TikTok/@@greyareabybeccaSource: TikTok/@@greyareabybecca

Bit of a dun dun dun moment!

Source: TikTok/@@greyareabybeccaSource: TikTok/@@greyareabybecca

Yeah, this lady seems so calm!

Source: TikTok/@@greyareabybeccaSource: TikTok/@@greyareabybecca

I’m glad she’s airing her grievances publicly!

This was such a dumb situation.

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