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Mom Takes No Chances After ‘It’s A Small World’ Ride Breaks Down At Disneyland Paris, She Hops Off The Ride Then Grabs Her Four Kids & Escapes On Foot

by Staff

Of all the things that can go wrong at an amusement park, getting stuck on a ride has to be one of the worst. Add some kids into the mix and the misery meter gets cranked up even higher.

A woman on the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland Paris found herself in that very situation this week. For some reason the ride had come to a stop and she was stuck with her four kids.

Mom takes her four kids off of Disneyland Paris ride (Image Credit: Georgia Taylor/TikTok)

It’s unclear why the ride had come to a stop or how long the ride had been sitting before she decided it was time to make a break for it. But with four kids, 10 seconds can feel like 10 minutes.

Mom wasn’t taking any chances here and had had enough waiting around for the ride to get moving again. She popped her shoes off, rolled up her pant legs up, and started taking her kids off the ride.

She bravely dipped her feet in whatever sludge keeps the boats floating on the ride and one by one helped her four kids from the boat to dry land. The entire time she ignores the ride’s warning messages and those coming from park employees.

Despite the multiple warnings the still shoeless woman and her kids casually walked away from the broken down ride. Presumably towards some kind of an exit.

To be fair to mom here, there’s a chance she was worried about her kids. Not just because they would start to annoy her the longer the delays dragged on. That’s almost a given.

Mom Had Other Places To Be In Disneyland Paris

But there’s always the possibility that a naked streaker could make a surprise appearance. Or even worse, an OnlyFans model filming promotional videos for her content.

Both of those are unlikely scenarios. What’s more likely is this momma was on a meal plan and already booked dinner somewhere. I’m assuming they have the meal plan over in Paris.

As someone who has been to Disney World in Orlando a couple of times as an adult, I can tell you that you don’t mess with mom’s restaurant reservations.

I spent both of those trips following around the back of my wife’s head bouncing from park to park hitting all of the places she booked for us to eat.

I don’t know how other people do it. All I know is if it was left up to me, we would have been wandering around aimlessly and probably have starved by mid-week.

I say all of that to make the point that as insane as her grabbing her kids and getting off the stuck ride looks, she might have had a good reason for doing so. She’s got four kids to feed.

It’s not that easy to find another place to eat that doesn’t have a ridiculous wait time. If she gets stuck with a wait time with four kids then she might as well cancel the rest of the trip.

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