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Most expensive UK airport car parks for travellers going on holiday

by Staff

A new study has revealed the most expensive airport car parks in the UK – the full list is below.

Heathrow Airport was found to be the most costly to park a car for a week – setting travellers back £123 per vehicle. Meanwhile, the cheapest airport for parking – Edinburgh – was found to be charging holidaymakers £34.99 for the seven days – a £90 difference.

The data was published after travel experts at analysed the 15 busiest airports in the country. The findings were published online as the UK Airport Cost of Parking Index, focusing on the cheapest parking available during a one week period in February.‌‌ In the three cheapest airports, Scotland made the list twice – with Glasgow ranking second most affordable at £54.99 for a week’s stay.

Heathrow is the only airport to charge travellers over £100 – as the second most expensive was East Midlands airport at £81.39 for the seven days, reports the Mirror. ‌Meanwhile, Newcastle ranked as the fifth most expensive at £77.99, and is one of the eight airports in the table that charges their customers over £70 to park their cars for the week.

‌Shahab Siddiqui, founder of, said: “Airport car parking charges vary dramatically depending on which part of the country you’re flying from. We’ve found that the most expensive airport (Heathrow) charges customers almost £90 more than the most affordable (Edinburgh), for the exact same times and dates.

‌“When travellers are already having to pay hundreds if not thousands towards the cost of their holiday – airports are now leaving Brits with little choice than to add on another expense on top of everything else. Three of the London airports have been ranked in the top six most expensive holiday car parks all charging over £74 for a week. Stansted is at the other end of the rankings charging travellers at least £12 less at £61.99.

‌“The three cheapest airports for seven days of parking are outside of England and Wales – Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast International. Cardiff airport is the seventh most expensive at £72.99. East Midlands airport comes in at second most expensive in the UK behind Heathrow – with a fee of £81.39 for travellers parking their cars.”

Full list of cost of parking at UK airports for a week

  1. Heathrow – £123.00
  2. East Midlands – £81.39
  3. Gatwick – £79.00
  4. Bristol – £77.99
  5. Newcastle – £77.99
  6. Luton – £74.49
  7. Cardiff – £72.99
  8. Manchester – £71.99
  9. Birmingham – £69.99
  10. Leeds Bradford – £67.00
  11. Stansted – £61.99
  12. Liverpool – £55.99
  13. Glasgow – £54.99
  14. Belfast International – £48.99
  15. Edinburgh – £34.99

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