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Mumbai Billionaire Travels In Local Train To Save Time And Beat Traffic

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The video has garnered more than 22 million views.

Thousands of people travel by Mumbai local for commuting to various places. The local trains are the lifeline of the city and it is impossible to imagine Mumbai without its trains. Now, a video of real estate mogul and billionaire Niranjan Hiranandani taking a ride in the Mumbai local has surfaced online. The 73-year-old co-founder and managing director of Hiranandani Group shared the video of his short train journey on Instagram on Friday. It showed him waiting at the platform with other passengers and then boarding the AC coach. A few members of his team were also seen accompanying the billionaire as he travelled via the local train to Ulhasnagar, a city in Maharashtra’s Thane district.

In the caption, the billionaire wrote that he took the train to save time and beat Mumbai’s notorious traffic. He also called his train journey an “insightful experience”. “Saving Time and beating Traffic with the City’s Lifeline a journey from Mumbai to Ulhasnagar in an AC coach was a insightful personal experience,” he wrote. 

Watch the video below: 

Since being shared, Mr Hiranandani’s video has garnered more than 22 million views. In the comments section, several people praised the billionaire for using public transport. “No match to Hiranandani.. down to earth,,, everyone want to be associated,” wrote one user. “Our country needs more people like you @n_hiranandani sir. I wish I could get to meet you as a person someday sir,” commented another. 

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“Trust all the top business leaders practice this daily, so much could be done about pollution and infrastructure development in our country.. the youth looks upto them as role model.. well done sir.. trust more leaders follow the league.. not for experience but as a practice and contribution to the society,” expressed a third user. 

Some Instagram users, however, called out Mr Hiranandani for boarding the handicapped coach which is reserved for people with physical disabilities, pregnant women and cancer patients. “Sir you entered in wrong coach . These coaches is only reserved for handicapped & cancer patients,” commented one user. “Sat in handicapped department,” noted another. 

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