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Name of iconic UK tourist attraction to be reviewed after huge social media backlash

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The newly refurbished Redcoat Cafe at Edinburgh Castle has sparked a social media backlash with politicians calling for the name to be changed after some were left unhappy

The newly refurbished Redcoat Cafe at Edinburgh Castle(Google )

Edinburgh Castle’s café might change its name after a backlash on social media.

The castle is a big hit with tourists, and the Redcoat Café serves up snacks to lots of visitors. The café got its name from the red uniforms British soldiers wore a long time ago. These soldiers fought in many places, including Scotland.

But some people don’t like the name because these soldiers were also part of tough times in Scottish history, like the Jacobite rising and the Highland Clearances, EdinburghLive reported.

On Saturday, Edinburgh Castle shared on social media: “We are happy to welcome you all back to our newly refurbished Redcoat Café. If you are visiting us over the weekend, pop in for a warm beverage or even a tasty slice of cake.” They showed off pictures of the new café too.

After that, local leaders started talking about the cafe’s name online. Historic Environment Scotland said: “We are aware of the comments on social media on both sides of the debate about the name of the cafe at Edinburgh Castle.

“The name has been in place since 1992 and reflects the military history which is told throughout the Castle, however the way we interpret history is constantly evolving. As part of our future plans for Edinburgh Castle, the names of both the Redcoat Café and Jacobite function room will now be reviewed.”

Local councillor, Lesley Maciness, joined the online debate saying: “What an appalling tone-deaf choice of name. Who on earth decided on it?” Another local councillor, Connor McManus, also chimed in: “I’m no naming expert, but this is pretty diabolical … Historic Environment Scotland, is there any way this can be urgently looked at?”

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