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New $80 ‘glamping’ hack coming to Aldi

by Staff

Aldi’s latest Special Buys is dropping this weekend with the German retailer bringing back one of its most popular travel items.

People who want to climb Mount Everest will soon be required to bring their own poo back to Base Camp. Local authorities have introduced the new rule under wider measures to keep the world’s tallest peak clean and free of waste. They say the area is beginning to stink as excrement does not fully degrade under the extreme temperatures. Climbers will be ordered to buy poo bags. The bags will be checked upon their return to Base Camp.

Marketed towards campers who are just getting started and need the basics, the products range from $10 headlamps to $199 TVs.

The Special Buys will be arriving in stores from Saturday, February 10, but the retail giant warns some products are facing delays.

“We know our customers look forward to this range to pick up all their travel needs for their big adventures at our low prices,” an Aldi spokesperson said.

“This range includes our popular camp chairs, boot cooler bags and some new items like the foldable washing machine and a portable coffee maker.”

A foldable washing machine for campers is coming to Aldi. Picture: Supplied

The new foldable washing machine is $79.99, while a portable clothesline will set you back $39.99.

The new portable coffee maker will be available for $39.99.

The car boot cooler bag, a returning favourite, will cost $14.99. It has two storage compartments and one cooler compartment, with a hook and loop fastener on the bottom of the bag to restrict movement.

Another popular buy, the ‘compact director’s chair’, will cost campers $59.99.

Aldi said it’s bringing back its popular car boot cooler bag. Picture: Supplied

Other items include a compact six-piece cookware set for $59.99 and a rechargeable bug zapper for $49.99.

For those wishing to level up their camping experience, rechargeable fans will set you back $59.99 and a 24-inch HD webOS TV with a 12v adaptor is $199.

If you need to upgrade your road trip car, there is $99.99 roof racks or a $129 roof cargo tray.

Shoppers are encouraged to check the Aldi Special Buys delay page online to know if the products will be available at their local store and when.

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