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New Braunfels Wins Big at Texas Travel Awards 2024: A Must-Visit Destination

by Staff

Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, New Braunfels has emerged as a premier travel destination, clinching multiple accolades at the Texas Travel Awards 2024. This charming town, nestled between Austin and San Antonio, offers visitors a blend of picturesque views, historical sites, and unique activities, making it an irresistible stop for both adventure seekers and relaxation enthusiasts.

Award-Winning Attractions

The Texas Travel Awards recognized New Braunfels for its exceptional offerings, including Destination of the Year, Best Winery, Best Outdoor Activity, and Most ‘Instagrammable’ Place, among others. Notably, the Thru the Chute Cardboard Boat Race and the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch stand out as must-visit attractions. The race, hailed as an Under The Radar Activity, invites participants to embrace their creative side in a fun-filled environment. Meanwhile, the Wildlife Ranch offers a unique safari experience, allowing guests to feed and observe over 700 animals from the comfort of their vehicles.

Historical and Cultural Sites

For those interested in the rich history and culture of Texas, New Braunfels does not disappoint. Gruene Hall, one of the oldest dance halls in the state, offers a glimpse into the past with its preserved architecture and vibrant live music scene. Additionally, The Dolly Cottage provides a whimsical and ‘Instagrammable’ backdrop for visitors, with its delightful pink Dolly Parton theme and location within the scenic 8Sages-Gruene estate.

Why Visit New Braunfels?

With its small-town charm, stunning natural beauty, and award-winning attractions, New Braunfels stands out as a top travel destination in Texas. Whether you’re seeking an outdoor adventure, a dive into history, or simply a picturesque spot to relax, this town has something for everyone. The accolades received at the Texas Travel Awards 2024 underscore its appeal and serve as a testament to the memorable experiences awaiting visitors.

As New Braunfels continues to attract attention and accolades, it solidifies its position as a must-visit location for travelers looking to explore the best of Texas Hill Country. Its blend of natural beauty, rich history, and engaging attractions make it a standout destination that promises unforgettable memories for all who visit.

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