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New Jersey officials seeking live-in caretaker for historic Cedar Bridge Tavern – NBC10 Philadelphia

by Staff

Ocean County is stepping up its efforts to help protect a historical showpiece, but it will require someone who doesn’t mind living in a remote location.

Cedar Bridge Tavern, which draws visitors deep into the woods of Barnegat Township, New Jersey, is looking for a full-time caretaker to keep watch over the property that’s considered irreplaceable.

Officials said that the building is vulnerable to a wildfire or vandalism, while it unfortunately has no neighbors near enough to actually see the site.

Arson is also a concern as, in 2010, arsonists set fire to the nearby visitors center at Cloverdale Farm County Park, also located in Barnegat.

“This is so remote,” said Michael Mangum, director of Ocean County parks. “We want to make sure nothing happens to this building because we cannot replace this building. This is a nationally significant place.”

The site is believed to be the location of the last known skirmish during the Revolutionary War in 1782.

The caretaker, that the township is looking to hire, will live in an 882-square-foot outbuilding behind the tavern that houses public restrooms and an apartment in exchange for a 40% discount on the rental rate.

The caretaker will also be responsible for completing certain chores on and around the site, as well as interacting with tourists and visitors.

“We want a person here who actually knows about the site and can answer questions about the history but also the environment here,” Mangum said.

The current building sits on five acres in the Pine Barrens and dates back to 1812, when it served as a tavern for travelers heading toward the shore from Philadelphia. The original building was constructed in 1781.

The tavern also holds skirmish re-enactments every December, which the caretaker would help oversee.

Ocean County spent $2.2 million for the rehabilitation and restoration of the building in 2016. In 2019, the opened the building to the public as a museum and its grounds as a historical park.

The county is currently in the process of getting an appraisal to determine the rent amount the caretaker would be expected to pay.

Officials said the salary for the position has not been set in stone, but they expect to appoint someone who works for the county to fill the role.

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