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OLIPOP wants to pay you and your bestie to travel next month

by Staff

One pair of besties will get paid to take the road trip of a lifetime this April. 

OLIPOP, the healthy soda brand, are “looking for the ultimate dynamic duo” to join them on the road next month. 

The “dream job” will pay two best friends $10,000 to “sip OLIPOP, explore four iconic cities, create content + memories, and spread the joy of soda across the country as “senior soda consultants.” 

OLIPOP says the gig is all about “celebrating iconic American cities & hyping up your bestie along the way.” 

Soda enthusiasts, who are ready to get out the word about OLIPOP’s “deliciously refreshing tonic, crafted with botanicals, natural plant fiber, and prebiotics” that supports “your microbiome” and benefits “digestive health,” according to the company’s website, must have the online application submitted by Friday, March 22.

Here’s what we know about the dream gig, including how to apply.

How will OLIPOP compensate the besties selected?

OLIPOP will offer the pair of besties a total of $10,000, offering each bestie $5,000 for the job. They will also cover the cost of hotel, airfare and per diem. 

Another perk listed online was the opportunity to create “unforgettable memories and a chance to become the face of OLIPOP’s nationwide adventure.” 

What does a ‘senior soda consultant’ do?

The besties that are picked to work with OLIPOP will be tasked with a few “key responsibilities,” including creating content to share on social, telling locals about OLIPOP and hyping up your bestie online and on the road trip. 

OLIPOP’s tour is set to kick off the first week of April, with more specific details to be announced at a later date. The besties will visit the first city on the tour, which has yet to be revealed, from April 5 through April 10. 

Here are a few more specifics courtesy of OLIPOP: 

  • Be the Ultimate Hype Friend: Amplify the energy in each city with your infectious enthusiasm and friendship, hyping each other up and the local city culture in any situation.
  • Soda Enthusiasts: Spread OLIPOP’s joy of soda by sharing your experiences with locals and also spreading awareness about the unique qualities of OLIPOP.
  • Storytelling POP-Stars: Showcase your talent in content creation by capturing the essence of OLIPOP’s journey in each city. Create memorable moments everywhere you go while educating others about the features that make OLIPOP a delicious choice.

How do I apply for OLIPOP’s dream gig? 

All you need to do to become a Senior Soda Consultant for OLIPOP needs to fill out an online application. 

Once there, you will be asked to provide your contact information, social media handle, video samples and resume. (The resume you upload is for you and your bestie.) 

“This could be anything from sharing their content consuming OLIPOP while cheering a loved one on from the stands, studying together for a test, or while playing a neck-and-neck game of chess,” OLIPOP’s website states. 

You can also show OLIPOP how you and your bestie hype each other up on social media, tagging @drinkolipop with the hashtag #OLIDreamJob. 

Are there any requirements? 

There are a couple. 

Applicants must be a U.S. resident, over the age of 18, have a passion for content creation and storytelling, demonstrated experience in content creation, comfortable navigating social media platforms, able to travel to various cities on specific dates as part of OLIPOP’s tour.

Above all, they are looking for besties that have “charismatic personalities that will resonate with soda lovers and adventure seekers.” 

Strong teamwork skills will only enhance the experience, OLIPOP says. 

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