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One of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions forced to close

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ONE of the world’s most famous tourist attractions has been forced to close.

Strike action has resulted in the 24-hour closure – just weeks after it was forced to close for the same reason.

The Eiffel Tower has been forced to closeCredit: AP
Strike action has resulted in the 24-hour closureCredit: AP

Staff working at the Eiffel Tower have confirmed that they would be going on strike due to a dispute over the way the attraction is managed financially.

This is expected to affect thousands, with an average of 25,000 tourists visiting a day.

Tourists have been warned to check the website before visiting, or visit on another day.

Anyone with an e-ticket will be contacted, with the attraction hoping to reopen tomorrow.

The website currently states: “Due to a strike action of a part of the Eiffel Tower personnel, the Eiffel Tower is currently closed.

“Visitors with e-tickets for today are invited to check their email.

“We apologize for the inconvenience. 

The tower is usually opened 365 days a year, and only closes due to strike action.

It closed back in December 2023 due to strike action as well, which took place on the 100th anniversary on the death of the tower‘s creator.

Stephane Dieu of the CGT union, said the strike hopes to increase salaries in proportion to the income created by tickets, as well as improve the maintenance of the attraction.

As many as seven million tourists visit the 984ft Eiffel Tower a year, although this has yet to recover to similar numbers since the pandemic.

If you want to avoid the crowds, the quietest months to visit are January and February, along with October and November, while the busiest are July and August.

Visit during 9am-11am or 8pm-10:30pm for the fewest crowds too.

AI-generated TikTok video creates the illusion France’s Eiffel Tower is engulfed in flames

However, Paris is set to welcome the Olympic Games this summer, with tourist numbers to boom once again.

And earlier this month, people were left confused after ‘Eiffel Tower fire’ was trending online.

Thankfully, the images showing the tower on fire were created by AI, and it was never on fire.

In the mean time, here’s how to do all of the top tourist attractions in Paris in just 24 hours.

Make sure to visit later this year, with the Notre Dame set to reopen after five years.

The iconic attraction closed back in April 19 after a huge fire lasted for 12 hours, badly damaging the building.

After celebs and billionaires donated millions to the cause, it hopes to reopen on December 8, 2024.

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Everything you need to know about visiting France

  • Brits need to have a passport with at least three months left on it.
  • No visas are needed for anyone staying up to 90 days within an 180-day period but you need to make sure your passport is stamped on entry and exit.
  • You may also need to show proof of accommodation and funds, around €120 a day.
  • The country uses the euro with with around €10 working out to £8.55.
  • France is one hour ahead of the UK
  • Direct flights to France from the UK take between 1-4 hours depending on the destination
  • Or you can travel by train with Eurostar, with destinations including Paris or Lille.
The attraction hopes to reopen again tomorrowCredit: Alamy

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