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Our £99 Wowcher mystery holiday was a disaster

by Staff

A WOMAN who went on a Wowcher mystery holiday has warned against taking a gamble on the £99 break.

Petek and her husband booked the budget holiday alongside another couple, so they could go away with their friends.

Petek and her husband booked to go away with another couple on the £99 Wowcher mystery holidayCredit: tiktok/@cinderswish
From awkward flight times to dingy rooms and facilities, Petek shared her disaster budget holidayCredit: tiktok/@cinderswish
Then they were told that this would be the accommodation they were staying in – not only that but they’d all have to share one roomCredit: tiktok/@cinderswish

But things went from bad to worse with the vacation, with the group going as far as warning people not to buy one of the mystery breaks.

Petek kicked off her TikTok video by revealing that you can’t find out your mystery destination online if there are more than two of you – you have to ring for the details instead.

And it took them a week to finally be able to get through to someone, who revealed they were headed to Malta.

The next issue was the flights, which had been booked at such an unreasonable time that it would have given the group just one day in Malta.

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“So we opted for another pair of dates, which they then charged us extra for,” she explained.

“Then they sent us the accommodation!”

She put a collage of pictures up in the video, showing the state of the accommodation as captured by TripAdvisor users.

“This is where they wanted us to stay – this was our allocated accommodation,” she said.

“And they wanted to put all four of us in one room.

“Now I know I’m not alone here when I say… it’s a no.

Sneaky hack to get better £99 Mystery Holiday destination – WITHOUT paying for it

“For the price that we paid, we did not think that this was in anyway appropriate, especially when they know it’s four people and they want to put us all in one room.”

She added that she had no idea what the hotel was called, but said: “I think we can all agree – this looks worse than the hotel in the Inbetweeners film!”

When they returned to Wowcher and said they refused to stay there, they were given a further two accommodation options – which were “of the same standard” as the first.

In the end, they went back to Wowcher and asked if they could just keep the flights, and pay for their accommodation instead.

“Basically it’s just fee after fee,” Petek said.

“First they made it difficult, then they said it’s fine if we pay £25 each to keep just the flights.”

In total, Petek’s husband estimated they’d spent around £720 on the holiday for all four of them – as opposed to the £198 the break was advertised to be.

“For us it’s just not something we will ever do again,” Petek continued.

“It was just really disappointing.

I think we can all agree – this looks worse than the hotel in the Inbetweeners film!


“Communication – not great, accommodation – atrocious, and the flight times they give you are horrible.

“And I do feel like they do it on purpose so that you want to change it so they can charge you extra.

“I just wouldn’t bother”.

“It was an experience! You live and you learn,” she captioned the video.

People were quick to comment on the clip, with one writing: “I’ve had a great experience with them it’s not all bad!”

“Love that!” Petek replied.

“I can only speak on my experience but love hearing about all the positive experiences!”

“I did Vienna in December,” another added.

“Flight out 8.20am flight back 5.30pm and 2 nights.

“No extra charges and hotel was a clean Ibis hotel.

“Bargain and I was very happy!”

“Me and my 8yo had a brilliant time and deal! Nov in Portugal. was amazing,” a third wrote.

But not everyone had such positive experiences.

“I bought for 2 and it took over a week to tell destination- airport LND – we are in Glasgow,” one wrote.

“Changed whole holiday and it was a fortune!”

“Same thing happened to me, it was horrendous never again,” another commented.

A third said: “My experience was exactly the same!!!”

“Lots of messing about and changing flights, charging more!!!

“Lengthy process to get a refund in the end!”

Wowcher has been contacted for comment.

“Don’t do it” the group warned as they cashed out £720 on the ‘budget’ tripCredit: tiktok/@cinderswish
As Petek said the only benefit was that they’d travelled to MaltaCredit: tiktok/@cinderswish

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