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Our Top Holiday Road Trip Items for Kids to Make Travel a Breeze

by Staff

We all know that outings with kids can involve a lot of preparation and planning. Especially when they’re little, kids seem to require a lot of things to keep them happy and entertained when you’re out and about. Diapers? Check. Bottles? Check. Favorite toy, blanket, and/or stuffed animal? Check. This is the norm for just a regular outing, so we know how much fuller your bags are with kid items when you decide to hit the road for a holiday trip.

Flying with a baby is a task all its own, but if you have plans to take a road trip to visit family and friends for the holidays, you may be wondering how to make everything go smoothly the whole time you’re in the car. We can’t promise a meltdown-free car ride, but we’ve rounded up a few handy travel items you may want to have on hand. Here’s to hoping your travels this holiday season are a bit more fun and a lot less stressful.


As long-time subscribers of Lovevery’s Play Kits, we know how convenient it is to have this all-in-one entertainment station during long travel days. Lovevery Play Kits are divided by age and stage so everything included is customized for your child’s specific developmental needs. This is a surefire way to keep them busy and learning on the long drive and even after you arrive to your destination. Order your Play Kit now just in time for your upcoming trip!


Bringing along toys, books, an iPad, and more? Keep it all organized and in one spot with this handy organizer.

available in multiple colors


When you have little backseat riders, a portable white noise machine is a great way to drown out music or chit chat while you’re driving.

Amazon | Reachtop

Don’t let the glaring sun interrupt nap time or screen time. These shades block the sun while still allowing you to roll down the window if needed!

Amazon | BOLOLO

Baby won’t take a cold bottle? No problem! You can choose between three temperatures with this warmer, and it will stay warm for up to four hours.


Snacks are a necessity on road trips, and having some spill-proof snack containers can help keep your car a little more clean. These cups from morepeas are a snack cup, dining bowl, and steamer all in one, meaning you can use it for snacks during the drive and for meals once you’ve reached your destination.

available in four colors

Target | Brica

Make changing diapers a breeze by keeping everything you need in one central place. If you have a potty training toddler, you might want to pack their potty—or go back to Pull-Ups just for the drive.

Target | Pillowfort

Puffy winter coats are a huge safety hazard when kids wear them in their car seats. Instead, pack a cozy blanket so kids can get comfy while enjoying the wintertime drive. This fleece blanket comes with a bear toy to help store it.


Did your Spotify Wrapped consist entirely of the soundtracks for Encanto or Frozen? Then you know a playlist can help pep up the whole car. For a holiday road trip, try this Family Christmas Party (or Family Hanukkah Party mix). Of course, Disney soundtracks work too!


Or, if you’d rather have a more low-key ride (i.e., sleeping kids), consider the Moshi app, which has audiobooks and meditation audios for kids.

Amazon | Lusso Gear

Make it easy for your kids to play and entertain themselves while on the road with this activity tray, complete with a cup holder!

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