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Paris Tourist Taxes Skyrocket Ahead of 2024 Olympics

by Staff

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The world’s most popular tourist destination is becoming a bit pricier.

— Dawit Habtemariam

Travelers heading to Paris better be ready to pay higher tourist taxes on their hotel rooms and alternative accommodations this year.

On January 1, tourist taxes on travel stays more than doubled. The tourist tax hikes come as Paris prepares to host the Olympics this summer.

Below is an overview of the tourist tax hikes.

Accommodations Category 2024 Net Tax Rate Per Person and Per Night USD 2023 Net Tax Rate Per Person and Per Night USD
Palaces €14.95 $16.33 €5 $5.46
5 Star €10.73 $11.72 €3.75 $4.10
4 Star €8.13 $8.88 €2.88 $3.15
3 Star €5.20 $5.68 €1.88 $2.05
2 Star €3.25 $3.55 €1.13 $1.23
1 Star, holiday villages, guest rooms and hostels €2.60 $2.84 €1 $1.09
Source: Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau 

Tourism to Paris Definitely Won’t Be Cheap

Some tour operators are seeing their room rates rise this year due to the Olympics.

“For any hotel contracts that we’ve been able to renew, we’re seeing year-over-year increases starting at 20% in the weeks leading up to the Olympics,” said Jason Susinski, director of product for Kensington Tours.

Some of Paris’s tourist attractions are also bumping up their prices. Starting January 15, the entrance fee to the Louvre will rise to about $24 (€22). According to the museum, that’s its first price increase in 8 years.

Susinski said tour guides in Paris are also now charging more.

“We’re also seeing local guides increase the cost of their guiding services, in some cases as much as 20% over last year,” he said.

Paris was labeled the “world’s most powerful city destination” in 2023 by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Its travel and tourism sector was worth almost $36 billion in 2022.

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