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Pattaya Beach shines bright after New Year’s Eve celebration

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Tons of garbage and debris strewn by revelers cover the sand and water of Pattaya Beach after the New Year’s Eve celebration.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya Beach, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, witnessed a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration with music, food, and fireworks. However, the festivities also left behind a huge amount of garbage on the beachfront, which required a swift and diligent cleanup by the dedicated staff.

Despite January 1 being a public holiday, the beach did not take a break from its ongoing beautification process. The hardworking personnel, who have been working tirelessly to improve the beach’s appearance and quality, resumed their duties as soon as the sun rose. They showed a relentless commitment to their work, clearing the trash and debris from the sand and water.

The City Hall administration expressed its gratitude and appreciation to the staff for their unwavering service, especially during the festive season. The administration also urged the public to be patient and supportive of the beach’s transformation, which is nearing completion. The beach is expected to return to its pristine beauty soon, with clearer water, softer sand, and greener plants.

The administration also confirmed that Pattaya Beach will continue to be lit up 24 hours a day, offering a vibrant and lively atmosphere for the visitors. The beach will host various events and activities throughout the year, such as concerts, food stalls, sports, and cultural shows. The administration hopes that these events will attract more tourists and boost the local economy.

However, the administration also reminded the tourists to play their part in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the beach. The tourists are encouraged to properly dispose of their waste by using the trash bins provided along the beach. The administration also appealed to the tourists to respect the environment and the staff, who are working hard to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for everyone.

City cleaners work tirelessly to clean up the beach late at night and into the early in the morning after people celebrating the New Year’s Eve left behind a huge amount of garbage.
Pattaya Beach shines bright with its pristine beauty, clear water, and soft sand after the cleanup.

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