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“People Cry Because They Are So Happy”: Visitors Flock To Experience The “Golden Retriever Hour”

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Most of us probably have a travel bucket list, accompanied by a carefully curated vision board on Pinterest and a pre-planned packing list. If you’re looking to add a place where you can find joy, cuddle adorable dogs and top it all off with some maple syrup, then Golden Dog Farm should be next on your list!

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If your idea of heaven is a place where you can cuddle and play with adorable golden retrievers, then you’re in luck

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

Vermont is known for its beautiful scenery – it is a popular travel destination in fall months looking for cozy Gilmore Girl vibes. But now it has something even more beautiful than the golden crowns on autumnal trees – a bunch of golden retrievers waiting for guests to play with them.

It might sound too good to be true, but there is an actual golden retriever experience at the Golden Dog Farm. Situated in the Green Mountains, this 200-acre property hosts their own version of “happy hour” where visitors can snuggle and play with at least 10 “butternut goldens”. Take my money now!!!

“We call it ‘happy’ hour. Because a happy is a collective noun for a group of golden retrievers,” said the owner, Doug Worple.

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

Tickets cost $75 per person and the four-legged wonders jump out of a dog-delivery pickup to greet customers. “When the truck pulled up with the pups, it felt like my heart might explode from happiness!” wrote one customer. “It was 20 times better than Disney!!” shared another.

The playdate lasts for about an hour and a half and the visitors are provided with the goldens’ favorite toys – tennis balls. Those who aren’t keen on playing can just spend time cuddling and snapping pictures of their new furry friends.

“People are coming from all over the country – they’re taking a break from life and enjoying a moment. And it’s awesome,” Becca Worple shared her joy.

The Golden Dog Farm offers a golden retriever experience where visitors can spend time with these adorable dogs playing catch or getting kisses

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

“We call it ‘happy’ hour. Because a happy is a collective noun for a group of golden retrievers,” shared the owner


Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

People from all over the country – and the world – flock to spend some time away from their worries. After all, life is better in the company of dogs.

“The world’s a heavy place. And you come here and you spend time with all these dogs and it just changes everything. People love it. They call it the best day ever.”

But is it just an exaggeration, or do dogs actually make life better? Ask any dog owner and the answer is “definitely yes”, despite disappearing slippers and a stiff neck after a night of having to sleep on the corner of the bed. However, there are plenty of studies that confirm the fact that dogs are incredibly beneficial to both physical and mental health.

  • Dogs alleviate stress. Even a short play session with a canine pal lowers blood pressure and heart rate, relaxing muscle tension as soon as we see the dog;
  • Good for the heart – because dogs can help lower blood pressure, dogs can help prevent cardiovascular diseases or aid in faster recovery. A study showed that dog owners had a much higher surival rate than non-pet owners;
  • Dogs can help you achieve your dream body. It can be hard to hit the gym sometimes but going on long walks with a four-legged friend is a fun way to exercise;
  • Not only are dogs man’s best friends, they also help create friendships with other people. It might be awkward to talk to an interesting human, but saying “Your dog is so cute!” can spark a friendship in an instant.

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

Hanging out with dogs has many health benefits such as longer and happier life

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

Image credits: adamdanielsusa

Such experiences remind us that we share the world with wonderful creatures and we are responsible for ensuring their safety and happiness

Image credits: goldendogfarmvt

So, it’s no wonder why people are willing to travel thousands of miles just to spend time in the company of lovely dogs. These paw-some friends remind us that the world isn’t so bad as long as there are dogs in it – it’s hard to have dark thoughts when a pup is demanding belly rubs.

Perhaps that is the reason why various animal experiences are growing in popularity. From petting zoos at local farms where kids and adults can play with goats and llamas or feed chickens to puppy yoga where adorable rascals teach people how to do a downward dog, it is obvious that people are looking back to nature.

Hopefully, this new trend will teach people about the wonders of friendship with animals and how much they rely on us. If you’re looking for ways to help the fauna, here are some ideas:

  • Plant native wildflowers outside your home for bees to enjoy;
  • Build a birdhouse and put it up in a tree;
  • Volunteer at the local shelter – every abandoned cat or dog appreciates any attention they can get. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find your new family member there?
  • While driving, slow down around swampy areas to avoid squishing migrating frogs.

These seemingly small things can make big changes. Can you add anything to that list?

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