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Pokemon That Deserve A Concierge-Style Vacation

by Staff

The Netflix series Pokemon Concierge shows audiences that not only do humans need a relaxing vacation to unwind, but that Pokemon themselves need to take a break too. And can anyone really blame them? Some of these Pokemon have rough jobs, rough lives, or, in the worst of cases, both.


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So, which of these Pocket Monsters deserves an all-expenses paid trip to the island resort of their dreams? Where they can finally rest their heads or eyes or any and all of their appendages? While most of them could make compelling cases for themselves, there are some that really stand out by comparison.

This list was compiled with a mix of Pokedex entries as well as game history and lore.

10 Granbull

You Know What They Say; The Bark Is Worse Than The Bite

Granbull is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

They may not look like it, but Granbull just really needs a hug and some reassurance from the hardworking staff at the Pokemon Resort. According to their Pokedex entry, Granbull is actually timid and shy.

Unlike some of the other dog-like Pokemon, Granbull doesn’t get pampered like Furfrou, who has entire salons dedicated to grooming them in Pokemon X & Y. Where’s Granbull’s love? Well, maybe they can find a staff member to take care of them like in the show.

9 Rayquaza

Cash In Those Airline Miles

Rayquaza is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

In Rayquaza’s Pokedex entry, this ‘mon is said to fly endlessly. Just think about how tiring that would be. Traveling endlessly, non-stop. The only time Rayquaza is allowed to stop is when they have to come down to the Earth and yell at two bratty Pokemon fighting over whether to drown the world with water or dehydrate it to death.

Trivializing Pokemon lore aside, Rayquaza deserves a break from the bickering kids at home to lay down. At least a week away from all the flying and fighting. A much-needed break from Team Aqua and Magma dragging them into their drama.

8 Munna

The Sweetest Of Dreams For This Dream Eater Pokemon

Munna is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

When people are tossing and turning in their sleep, Munna swoops in and devours the nightmares, sparing the sleep of so many in the Pokemon world. Not all heroes wear capes. But gosh darn it, Munna deserves one.

If Munna spends all of their time stopping the night terrors of others, then they definitely deserve to take a turn or two of Rest. So long as no one has any bad dreams during Munna’s stay at the Resort.

7 Crustle

This Pokemon Seems To Have A Lot Going On

Crustle is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

Crustle is not only part of the Pokemon Unite roster and thus getting into a lot of fights, but their Pokedex entry isn’t a piece of cake either. Between territorial battles and carrying giant rocks around on their backs, Crustle could use a break.


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Getting a massage from Mrs. Watanabe would be an excellent start. Though even just a lie down on a beach to listen to the waves could relax their strong but tired legs.

6 Absol

There’s No Danger To Sense Here

Absol is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

Absol is meant to warn people of upcoming threats and disasters, which means they’re always on high alert, waiting for something to happen. Everyone needs to unplug once in a while, whether it’s digitally or mentally.

Absol could have so much fun running around with the other Pokemon. Or, they could leave their life of sensing danger behind to work at the Resort instead. It might take some adjusting, but maybe they would be able to settle into a more relaxed lifestyle.

5 Golurk

They Need A Change Of Pace Eventually, Right?

Golurk is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

Golurk is an ancient being, according to their Pokedex lore. Their job is to protect people and Pokemon alike. So, from the time they were created until now, all they’ve been doing is looking out for other people. Oh no Golurk, sweetie. It’s time to work on some self-care.

Depending on the size of the rooms and tents available, it might be hard for Golurk to fit in, literally. But they deserve some rest, relaxation, and some time putting themselves first. Afterall, you can’t care for others if you never care for yourself.

4 Ditto

Every Pokemon Breeder Should Know Why

Ditto is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

Of course Ditto is on this list. Ditto is a tired, single, non-gendered parent to who even knows how many kids. Ditto doesn’t just need a vacation, but a trip away from the family they’ve built over the years. No screaming, hatching kids bouncing up and down and all around.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Ditto needed a break from people either. Leaving their trainer behind for a getaway alone, to stretch out and loaf around. They deserve it.

3 Ogerpon

Maybe A Little Mental Reset Would Be Good

Ogerpon is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

This entry has spoilers for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC story.

If you’ve journeyed through the Teal Mask DLC, the reason why Ogerpon needs a break might seem obvious. This poor Pokemon was called a criminal and chased away from Kitakami for generations. The people of Kitakami should all pitch in for a vacation for Ogerpon instead of a new shrine.


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Along with relaxing, Ogerpon could benefit from all the social aspects of a Resort stay. As a seemingly shy Pokemon, making friends with those that are more outgoing or at least more supportive could help Ogerpon come out of their shell.

2 Dreepy

Where To Even Begin?

Dreepy is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

Dreepy is used as ammunition by their evolved forms. Dreepy. Is thrown. From their parents heads. Toward enemies. This little Pokemon needs some desperate time away from home.

When not being hurled at nearby foes, Dreepy is considered a very weak Pokemon. Some tender love and care is what this little friend needs.

1 Minior

Minior, Are You Okay Buddy?

Yellow Minior is pictured, who Deserves A Pokemon Concierge Style Vacation

You can only go through so many near-death experiences before you need some time away from the world. And depending on which of Minior’s Pokedex entries you’ve read, this Pokemon is constantly on the verge of breaking apart, falling, and dying.

If the Pokemon Resort is taking on permanent residents, Minior should be moved up to the top of the list. Besides, who wouldn’t want these beautiful and brightly colored stars around making the place sparkle and shine?


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