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Popular tourist destination posts ad urging Spring Breakers not to come

by Staff

A POPULAR spring break destination has been slammed after the city made an ad urging people not to come this March.

The city of Miami decided to disinvite spring breakers from coming to the town, causing major backlash.

The City of Miami disinvited spring breakers from coming to the townCredit: City of Miami Beach
The ad named last March as its breaking pointCredit: City of Miami Beach
Tourists will face $100 parking if they choose to come to Miami for the weekendCredit: City of Miami Beach
The new rules will go into effect every weekend in MarchCredit: EPA

On March 1, the city posted the announcement on X(formerly known as Twitter) with the caption “Hey Spring Break, we’re over.”

In the theme of a breakup, actors revealed the new rules that will affect those who plan to party in Miami over the next month.

“This march you can expect things like curfews, bag checks, restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, $100 parking, and strong police enforcement for drug possession and violence,” the ad claimed.

The new rules are set to go into effect every Thursday through Sunday in March, according to the city’s website.

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The parking restrictions will not apply to Miami Beach residents, access card holders, permit holders, or employees.

“You come here, you have a good time, you behave, and we will invite you back,” Miami Beach Police Chief Wayne A. Jones told NBC News.

“You come here and break the law, we’re likely gonna arrest you.”

After the advertisement went viral, the city was met with a wave of criticism surrounding the new rules.

“This going to backfire so fast on this city,” one person wrote.

“Curfews, random bag checks, stop and frisk, 100 dollars to park. Welcome to the free state of Florida!” a second person exclaimed.

“Miami just advertised $100 parking like it was a good thing for the residents,” a third person said.

“So the city wants to get rid of tourism or is it they don’t want certain shades of tourism? Do people remember what Miami Beach was before it came a top tourism destination?” another person added.

“woke Karen’s win again” a person chimed in.

Despite the new ad, spring break crowds were already seen gathering in Miami Beach, according to local NBC affiliate WTVJ.

The city admitted that last year’s spring break was their “breaking point.”

Last year, one Miami Beach commissioner said police were “outnumbered by a lawless crowd that just can’t be controlled,” NBC News reported.

Hundreds of arrests were made and dozens of guns were confiscated during last year’s spring break. 

Michael Alcazar, who served in the New York Police Department, slammed the spring breakers for their actions.

He told The US Sun: “This culture of lawlessness and rebellion against authority has risen, empowering the youth.

“The youth feel like they can do whatever they want.

“They believe they can destroy property; they can steal whatever they want, they can assault people.”

In 2023, Spring Breakers were seen throwing punches as part of the boxing match planned by Solomon Powell and a group of his YouTuber friends.

An officer told The U.S. Sun: “We will only step in if it gets out of hand,” an officer said. “It’s all fully sanctioned.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to The City of Miami for comment.

Crowds of spring breakers were seen in Miami Beach after the infamous advertisement disinviting themCredit: EPA
Every year, thousands of people have flocked to Miami for spring breakCredit: Romain Maurice for The US Sun

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