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Revitalization of Barcelona’s Rec Comtal Canal: A New Tourist Attraction

by Staff

Barcelona’s Rec Comtal Canal: A Journey from Historical Lifeline to Future Tourist Route

The city of Barcelona is gearing up to breathe new life into its historic irrigation canal, the Rec Comtal. The canal, which has been a lifeline for the city for over a thousand years, is now surrounded by an chaotic urban environment comprising orchards, roads, and buildings. In a significant move towards urban restoration, the Barcelona City Council has earmarked 2.9 million euros for the Consorci del Besòs. The funds, sourced from Next Generation European schemes, will be utilized to revamp the canal as part of the Tourism Sustainability Plan in Destinations. The initiative is driven by the Rec Comtal Master Plan, which proposes a 13-kilometer route to celebrate the canal’s rich heritage.

Reimagining Rec Comtal

The Rec Comtal restoration project aims to decentralize tourism and transform the area into a new attraction. The plans include a riverside path for pedestrians and cyclists, environmental restoration efforts, the reintroduction of native aquatic species, and an exhibition elucidating Barcelona’s water history. The restoration begins at Vallbona’s Dos Ulls tunnel and follows the Rec Comtal’s historic route to the gardens of the Casa de les Aigües in Trinitat Vella.

Creating a Biodiversity Refuge

Alongside revitalizing the canal, the project will invest in creating a biodiversity refuge. This initiative is expected to complement other environmental actions along the nearby Besòs river. The project is not just about preserving the city’s past, but also about building a sustainable future. It is a testament to Barcelona’s commitment to its green agenda, balancing urban development with environmental conservation.

Bringing History to Life

The project’s museum component will present a comprehensive exhibition on water supply infrastructures, both physically and virtually. The display will highlight the Rec Comtal’s crucial role in Barcelona’s history, helping visitors understand the city’s intimate connection with water. It is an attempt to educate locals and tourists alike about the significance of water conservation and the unique role of the Rec Comtal in Barcelona’s narrative.

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