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RHONY’s Sai De Silva Shares Family Travel Tips (Exclusive)

by Staff

Sai De Silva‘s family loves a good vacation — and the mom of two knows exactly how to prepare to ensure her family trips are a success.

While chatting with PEOPLE about appearing in Old Navy‘s spring campaign alongside her two kids, daughter London, 12, and son Rio, 6, the Real Housewives of New York City star, 43, shared some of her favorite tips for family travel.

When it comes to packing, De Silva suggests “mixing and matching” as well as using the “tuck and roll method” to pack clothes into a bag or suitcase.

“I’m a mix and matcher when I’m on holiday,” she says. “I just think that you only have one suitcase, so you definitely need to bring pieces that match one another, or that can be mixed and matched.”

Another must-have for everyone in the family is a button-down shirt, says the social media influencer and blogger.

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Sai De Silva and her kids in Old Navy campaign.

Old Navy

“Everyone needs a button-down. My daughter needs a button-down, I need a button-down, and my son needs a button-down. I think they’re very versatile. They go with everything,” she explains. “You can put on your swimsuit and just put a button down on top. And then in the evening you can tie it, you can button it up and add skirts.”

“Sunglasses are very essential. Versatile cover-ups that can be worn anytime in the daytime with outfits. Statement items that really make your outfit pop, things like jewelry,” she adds of other essential items to bring.

Sai De Silva daughter for Old Navy campaign.

Old Navy

De Silva, who shares her two kids with husband David Craig, tells PEOPLE she and her kids made “great memories” as they shot Old Navy’s spring break campaign in Miami, where they each got the chance to show off their favorite looks.

“It’s not our first trip to the rodeo,” De Silva says of creating content with her kids. “We’ve done it before, so they’re kind of used to it.”

“I think they’re very competitive with one another. They’re trying to see who can do the best, so they can come home and tell their father who did best at work. So it’s cute. It’s a family affair over here. And you know what? They love to see the final product.”

“My daughter loved the white button-down. My son loved his striped board shorts, which were very fun, bright orange, and brightened up the mood from the moody winter that we’re having here in New York,” she continues. “I felt like it almost boosted his confidence. He was super stylish, and his sunglasses and everything.”

“He thought he was the coolest guy,” she adds. “The highlight, of course, was for my son who jumped in the pool over and over again. I mean, him doing a cannonball and everyone watching was the applause that he needed.”

Sai De Silva for Old Navy spring campaign.

Old Navy

De Silva says her family loves a beach trip, so shooting the campaign in Miami was extra fun for her and her kids. “Anytime that my son and daughter can exit and go to the beach, they’re all about it, so they had a really good time too.”

She also celebrates that her kids are “the easiest” when on vacation.

“Sometimes they’re so quiet, I forget they’re in our hotel room. Like, ‘Hello, is anyone there?’ ” she laughs. “My kids are very, very relaxed, very chill. They love a good vacation.”

“They love to sit by the pool. It’s almost having little mini-adults that are hanging out with me,” she continues. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Is this normal, that they’re so relaxed and chill?’ I have really good kids.”

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