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Rowdy stag do on Ryanair flight turns family’s dream holiday into nightmare

by Staff

Elaine Wilson Duncan was on her first holiday for three years when the rowdy stag group boarded her Ryanair flight to Tenerife and she says it ruined her trip

Elaine Wilson Duncan says her dream holiday turned into a nightmare on the Ryanair flight

A passenger travelling from Edinburgh Airport has had the “worst” flight ever to Tenerife due to a group of men on a stag do drinking their own booze, shouting, swearing and even vaping onboard.

Elaine Wilson Duncan, 62, and her cousin Linda Bishop, also 62, were taking their aunt Christine Moreland, 88, for her first holiday since her husband died three years ago as she is too afraid to travel alone. The family flew from Edinburgh to Tenerife on April 26 last year but the flight quickly turned into a “riot” as a dozen men on a stag do began shouting and swearing while passing around a bottle of vodka and vaping in plain sight.

Ryanair apologised for the disruptive passengers – and told The Mirror that the crew did not witness the group vaping or drinking their own alcohol during the flight. Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Elaine said: “When we first arrived at the airport we were excited for the holiday ahead. My aunt lost her husband three years ago and won’t go alone on holiday because she is scared in case something happens.

“So me and my cousin decided to take her on holiday and booked a trip to Tenerife. She is 88 years old but she is perfectly fit and well. We weren’t aware of the stag do when we were queuing to board the plane and then a lot of them were sitting behind us on board. With the rest dotted around the plane – there were about 12 in total.

“When the first refreshments trolley came around, I asked for two drinks as there is normally a long wait in between the refreshments being offered. I was told this wasn’t available because it was a stag and hen do destination and passengers were only allowed one drink each. The man in front kept asking for more 7up they were sharing a bottle of vodka amongst themselves and drinking it from the juice bottles.

“I reported this to the air hostess as they were getting more and more drunk – and louder. But she told me, they already knew and had to catch them pouring it in, in order to do anything about it. There were three messages on the tannoy telling them not to vape in the toilets and that if anyone was caught the flight would be diverted and police would be waiting on landing. They kept vaping in the aisle and in the toilets but nothing happened.”

She continued: “There was another announcement asking passengers to stay in their seats and that they would be refusing to serve any alcohol on the second refreshments round – instead just tea and coffee. I said to the air hostess we were being punished for their actions, as we weren’t allowed another drink and she said ‘Sorry – I know it’s a riot onboard.’

“The guy in front of us was just vaping from his seat, you could see the cloud of smoke in the air and he was waving it about the place. They weren’t sitting down but going up and standing next to their pals., ignoring the staff.” The flight didn’t get any better and the intoxicated group caused disruption for the entire flight.

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