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Shell Ultimate Road Trips Brings You To A New Fortnite Creative Map

by Staff

Shell Ultimate Road Trips encourages you to take photographs and share online using the hashtag #ShellRoadTrips.

There’s more to Fortnite than battle royale quests, skins and emotes. Shell Ultimate Road Trips bring V-Power® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline-fueled driving adventures to the Fortnite Creative building platform. Players can explore and take a break from surviving the shrinking storm to explore Shell island, which offers six exotic fan-made biomes to visit. Shell Ultimate Road Trips gives you the road trip experience without ever having to leave the comfort of air conditioning. Just use the Shell Island code 0314-6322-8548 to add the map to your playlist and hit the dusty trail.

Shell Ultimate Road Trips’ biomes are designed by six of Fortnite Creative’s best map makers. Shell invited the team to design fun, challenging levels. Each creative mode designer chose a theme and stuck with it for their respective biome.

Six roads await you. There’s the cerulean-watered aquatic Grotto Point, created by veteran Fortnite Creative map-maker Subcloning. There’s the vegetation-shrouded Mystical Castle by Dummblond, whose Fortnite Creative hub map designs have been recognized in the past by Epic Games for their quality. Cyber City by the artist SundayCW has you racing down neon-lit highways. Frozen Town by iiiSAndman, a Fortnite Creative whose work has likewise been praised by Epic, is as frozen as its name suggests. (You can still try to get some air on its ski jumps, though.) Gravity Gateway shows off pink trees and endless star-covered skies created by Enigma, a designer whose Fortnite Creative maps inspired Fortnite’s Zone Wars mode. Canyon Edge is for desert drivers who are allergic to smooth, straight streets. The dusty trails were made by BonnieKiwi, a master of construction with over 50 million combined plays on his Fortnite Creative maps.

Seek out Shell Ultimate Road Trips’ mini quests, as it’s necessary to complete them before continuing down the road. You might be asked to build a sandcastle on the beach, or you might have to search for a wolves’ den in the depths of the Mystical Castle biome. One quest also involves toasting s’mores in Frozen Town, because that’s always the proper thing to do in a cold environment.

Ready to hit the road? Pack some snacks, build a playlist of your favorite traveling music, and
visit the Shell Ultimate Road Trips website. Simply use the Shell Island code 0314-6322-8548 to join the event. From there, just visit the gas station to top up with Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline that will keep your engine roaring.

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