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ShipRocked Cruise Hits Pier In Jamaica Due To Weather, Passengers Temporarily Left Ashore

by Staff

The Carnival Magic – currently hosting the ShipRocked cruise festival between February 4 and 10 – hit the dock in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on February 6.

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According to a report by Cruise Hive, the Carnival Magic was not scheduled to arrive in Ocho Rios today, but had to show up early due to weather-related itinerary changes. Photos and video appear to show some fairly severe damage to the dock when winds drove the ship into the structure.

Blabbermouth further reports that some ShipRocked attendees were left on Ocho Rios as the ship had to temporarily depart due to the damage and situation on the dock. Rock Ambassadors Media have noted since the Blabbermouth report that the ship had found a new dock and everyone was getting back on board. Neither ShipRocked nor Carnival have commented to the public about this situation.

“Good afternoon, Carnival Magic guests. This is Captain La Farina with an important update,” read a notification that went out to those onboard. “Earlier, due to strong winds, the ship made contact with the pier, impacting a small area of the vessel. These wind conditions are making it unsafe for us to remain docked. So, for safety reasons, it was necessary for us to sail out to sea..

“The ship is safe, and all hotel services are operational. We need the support of some of our team members as we work through standard procedures for this situation. Therefore, in the meantime, services are temporarily closed. We are now in contact with our local partners and our Fleet Operations Center and are working through plans to get our guests who are ashore back on board as soon as possible.

“We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. If you have contact with any one ashore, please ask them to check their e-mail, ShipRocked App and ShipRocked Guest Facebook Group for updates. We apologize for this unexpected change and thank you for your patience and understanding.”

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