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Singapore Airlines 777 Business Class: A Pleasure To Fly

by Staff

Hello from New York, as I reach the end of my review trip to Oman. I just flew Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER business class on the eight hour flight from Frankfurt to New York. Suffice it to say that the trip ended on a high note, as Singapore Airlines was spectacular… as always.

While I’ll have a full trip report soon, in this post I wanted to share my initial impressions. It has been years since I’ve flown Singapore Airlines’ 777 business class, so I was curious to see how it’s holding up. Well, the answer is that it’s holding up very well.

Singapore Airlines is one of my favorite airlines in the world — the airline has among the best business class of any airline, and also has among the best service of any airline. This flight was no exception, with impeccable service, delicious food and drinks, endless entertainment, and free Wi-Fi.

This is easily the best way to fly in business class between Europe and the United States, and is in a completely different league than Lufthansa business class. The only catch is that the Frankfurt to New York flight isn’t well timed for connections in Frankfurt, given the 8:20AM departure (but personally I love the schedule when originating in Frankfurt!).

Anyway, let me share a few key takeaways from the flight…

Singapore Airlines’ 777 business class seats are unique

Singapore Airlines’ 777 business class seats are fully flat and in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Singapore Airlines 777 business class cabin

The airline has a product you won’t find on any other airline. While the seats are fully forward facing, you have to sleep at an angle when you recline the seat. That’s because to turn the seat into a bed, you have to flip over the back of the seat, and then the footwell is to the side of the seat in front. That means you essentially sleep at an angle to the fuselage.

Singapore Airlines 777 business class seat

I’d say Singapore Airlines’ 777 business class seat is good, but not the best in the world. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, when you consider how long this product has been around. I can’t wait to see what Singapore Airlines comes up with for its new business class product, which will debut on 777Xs.

The trick to really taking your Singapore Airlines business class experience to the next level is to assign a bulkhead seat, as these seats offer a lot more space for your feet. In a separate post I’ll talk more about Singapore Airlines’ amazing bulkhead business class seats, and how to assign them.

Singapore Airlines 777 business class seat

While Singapore Airlines’ 777 business class bed is on the firm side, I like how the airline gives you two plush pillows in business class, which not many airlines do.

Singapore Airlines 777 business class bed

Singapore Airlines’ business class service is phenomenal

The single thing that makes flying with Singapore Airlines most enjoyable is the consistently impeccable service. In my opinion, there’s not another airline in the world that delivers as consistently as Singapore Airlines when it comes to inflight crews.

Singapore Airlines flight attendants have such attention to detail, warmth, efficiency, and poise. Perhaps I appreciated that more than ever before on this flight, after coming off my Oman Air flight with lousy service.

Obviously a high service standard is much more the norm in Asia than in the United States or Europe, so it’s especially fun to fly Singapore Airlines between Germany and the United States, given the difference.

Singapore Airlines’ business class food & drinks are excellent

On this flight, lunch was served after takeoff, and then a snack was served before arrival. What was the meal like?

Well, the service began with Singapore Airlines’ signature chicken satay, which was scrumptious. I had a glass of champagne to go with that, and currently the airline is pouring Piper-Heidsieck Brut Vintage 2014 in business class, which I enjoyed very much.

Singapore Airlines business class appetizer & drink

Next up, I had sautéed prawns on quinoa salad, with asparagus and lemon crème fraîche. I was also offered some bread, and selected Singapore Airlines’ legendary garlic bread.

Singapore Airlines business class appetizer & drink

For the main course, Singapore Airlines offers the “Book the Cook” program, so you can pre-order from a much larger menu. I decided not to order from there, as I viewed the inflight menu in advance, and one option looked great to me. I ordered the gai pad king, which is Thai style stir-fried chicken, which ginger, vegetables, and steamed rice.

Singapore Airlines business class main course

Last but not least, I finished off the meal with dessert, which included coconut ice cream and strawberry shortcake.

Singapore Airlines business class dessert

I also love how Singapore Airlines has cappuccinos in business class. While this is standard on most Asian and Gulf carriers, it’s rare to find in business class on US and European carriers (with some notable exceptions).

Singapore Airlines business class cappuccino

Singapore Airlines’ entertainment & Wi-Fi are world class

Another area where Singapore Airlines excels is with inflight entertainment. Singapore Airlines’ KrisWorld entertainment system is one of the best in the world, and boasts a massive selection of movies and TV shows. I love how the airline has complete seasons of so many shows, while most other airlines just have a few episodes of each show.

No matter how picky you are with entertainment, you won’t be bored on Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines 777 business class entertainment system

Not only that, but Singapore Airlines even offers unlimited free Wi-Fi. For first and business class passengers, you can just log-in with your name and seat number, while premium economy and economy passengers need to be KrisFlyer members. This is so awesome, since you can stay connected on multiple devices throughout the flight.

Singapore Airlines 777 free Wi-Fi

Bottom line

Singapore Airlines is a world class airline that never ceases to impress me. The consistency with which Singapore Airlines delivers is simply on a different level than just about any airline. This flight had perfect service, delicious food and drinks, endless entertainment, free Wi-Fi, and comfortable seats.

While flying in Singapore Airlines business class is always something to look forward to, it’s even more special between Frankfurt and New York, given how much better it is than the competition.

What’s your take on Singapore Airlines’ 777 business class?

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