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Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown poses from Disney World during getaway but fans can’t get over major detail in background

by Staff

FANS have spotted an odd detail in the Disney World photo from Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown.

Janelle, 53, took to Instagram and shared a snapshot from her mother/daughter trip to The Walt Disney World Resort.

Janelle Brown visited Disney World during a rainy dayCredit: Instagram/janellebrown117
Janelle said: ‘Today it’s pouring rain, and we are drenched’Credit: Getty

In the photo, the Sister Wives star posed in front of the Cinderella Castle in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

She donned an oversized black poncho and carried a matching umbrella in her hand.

The TLC notable wore sandals as she walked around the wet floor.  

Janelle mentioned she and her teen daughter, Savanah Brown, 18, visited the Magic Kingdom on a rainy day. 

She captioned the post: “Last year there was a cold snap and we froze. 

“Today it’s POURING rain, and we are drenched.” 

“I’m glad we planned ahead and brought our rain ponchos and umbrellas with us!” Janelle closed. 


In the comments section, fans noticed how empty the amusement park looked and recommended indoor activities to enjoy the rest of the trip.

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One fan said, “Rainy days are the best days at Disney! Low crowds.”

Another fan added: “Looks like you got the place to yourself!

“The fact that there is no one else in this picture is absolutely magic!!! Great shot!”

A third fan added: “The Kingdom in the rain can be so good with less people. The indoor venues are a delight! Have a great time!”

A fourth person wrote, “The happiest place on Earth and no long lines. Winning!”

A commentator chimed: “Rain usually means shorter wait times. The monorail might be running.”


Janelle’s getaway came as ex-husband Kody Brown, 54, opened up about the breakup of his family.

Last year, the U.S. Sun reported that Janelle and Kody separated after about 29 years of marriage.

With exes Christine, 51, and Meri, 52, also calling it quits, Kody is down to one wife: Robyn, 44.

Before the New Year, in an interview with People, the Brown patriarch revealed: “I’m struggling to see what the future holds, maybe because I just haven’t let go enough of the past.”

The TV star went on about how it “felt like everybody else was unhappy because I felt like I was lodging all the complaints, that it just made me cynical.

“I loved our situation. It just seemed like not everybody else did.” 

Kody continued: “I didn’t want to be the guy that has this family that I struggle with until I’m dead. Then they all get along just great after I’m gone.

“I don’t understand why we can’t transcend this now. It broke my heart that we couldn’t transcend our differences. It’s part of life.”

“I loved the life we have, and I hope I love the life that I’ll get.”

The TV personality described his life as “a Shakespearean love story that’s a tragedy.”

Janelle took a photo with Christine BrownCredit: Instagram/christine_brownsw
Kody Brown pictured with his sister wives during happier times in October 2015Credit: Getty
Janelle Brown pictured with her daughter Savanah BrownCredit: Instagram/_savanahbrown_

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