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Spring climbing road-trip essentials – Gripped Magazine

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For many climbers, the arrival of warmer temperatures signals the beginning of the Spring outdoor climbing season. To take advantage of these ideal climbing conditions, an overwhelming number of climbers schedule a Spring road trip. Not only do these trips help jumpstart the season, but they also provide an opportunity to visit incredible climbing areas that may be too hot later in the year. So, to help you get the most out of your trip, we’ve put together a list of our top ten Spring climbing road-trip essentials.

Best for installing and removing quickdraws when sport climbing

Metolius Superclip Stick Clip

Metolius Superclip Stick Clip

A versatile minimalist stick-clipping attachment

Stick clipping the first and occasionally even the second bolt when sport climbing has become standard practice for a good reason; no one wants to break an ankle trying to install the first draw. Thankfully, the simple-looking Metolius Superclip Stick Clip excels at not only installing quickdraws, but can also be used to remove them, as well as clip the rope to an existing draw. The Superclip threads onto any conventional painter’s pole and is made from a durable stainless spring steel to withstand the normal use and abuse it will likely encounter over many years of use. This is mandatory kit for every climber.

Best for climbers seeking one rope for sport climbing, trad and ice

Sterling Rope Quest 9.6mm XEROS Dry RopeSterling Rope Quest 9.6mm XEROS Dry Rope

Sterling Rope Quest 9.6mm XEROS Dry Rope

A versatile dry-rope for a variety of climbing adventures

As with all sports, climbing has become incredibly specialized, and in turn, so has the gear. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a different rope for every climbing situation. If you fall into that category, check out the Sterling’s Quest 9.6mm XEROS Dry Rope. At 9.6mm in diameter, the rope is thin enough for long trad routes and hard repoints without sacrificing the day-to-day durability climbers demand when cragging. Sterling also spec’s its unique dry treatment that is applied to the fibres before they are woven, ensuring exceptional long-term water resistance. This results in a rope that is also highly suitable for ice climbing.

Best for warming up your fingers at the crag before difficult climbing

Metolius Light Rail HangboardMetolius Light Rail Hangboard

Metolius Light Rail Hangboard

A portable minimalist hangboard

One of the biggest challenges many climbers face, whether they are bouldering or climbing routes, is adequately warming up their fingers before attempting their project. This becomes more of a problem in areas that lack a sufficient number of easier routes. Thankfully, the Metolius Light Rail Hangboard offers the perfect solution to this dilemma. Featuring a reversible design, the Light Rail offers four different grip positions, allowing you to fully warm up your fingers before jumping on your project. The board’s minimalist shape makes it easy to carry into the crag, while the rope suspension system allows you to hang it off a bolt or tree.

Best for climbers who want a chunky climbing chalk

Friction Labs Bam Bam Super Chunky ChalkFriction Labs Bam Bam Super Chunky Chalk

Friction Labs Bam Bam Super Chunky Chalk

High-quality climbing chalk

While some climbers are drawn to the silky feel of super-fine climbing chalk, most experienced climbers prefer a chunkier blend that can be crushed to achieve the appropriate consistency for the situation. If you’re part of this enlightened latter group, check out the Bam Bam Super Chunky Chalk from Friction Labs. Consisting of a non-toxic, highly pure magnesium carbonate with no additional skin-cracking drying agents, Bam Super Chunky Chalk will keep your hands dry, which will increase your grip and improve your chances of sending your project.

Best for crack climbers or for supporting tweaked fingers

Metolius Climbing TapeMetolius Climbing Tape

Metolius Climbing Tape

A sticky cotton-based tape for climbing

This sticky cotton-polyester blend tape is ideal when you’re taping up for crack climbing or want to protect a tweaked finger pulley. Unlike some tapes, this one is sufficiently supple to easily conform to your hands, while the sticky adhesive does a good job of ensuring the tape stays put during a long day of cragging. Metolius also includes thorough tape-glove instructions on the packaging for those who are new to the sport. Finally, the tape’s 1.5-inch width allows climbers to tear off custom-sized strips that are more suitable for taping split tips and supporting tweaked pulleys.

Best for climbers seeking the ultimate clipping experience when climbing

Petzl Spirit Express QuickdrawPetzl Spirit Express Quickdraw

Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw

A premium no-comprise sport climbing quickdraw

Since its introduction decades ago, the Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw has been widely regarded as one of the best sport-climbing specific quickdraws on the market, and the current iteration only reinforces this status. The Express draw features two I-beam body carabiners for optimal strength with minimal weight. Petzl has also carefully removed material via three holes, which further reduces weight. Both carabiners feature a keylock gate for snag-free use, and the bent-gate version has a flattened gate profile to encourage easier rope clipping. The dogbone is also similarly sophisticated with a variable width construction (narrow, wide, narrow) that ensures optimal biner loading while providing plenty of abrasion protection in the middle. This design also offers a more secure grab point when pulling up on the draw. Sure, they’re not cheap, but the performance is worth the price.

Best for climbers belaying on steeper routes

Metolius Upshot Belay GlassesMetolius Upshot Belay Glasses

Metolius Upshot Belay Glasses

Lightweight and well-fitting belay glasses

Designed with an increased field of view (higher up the wall), the Upshot Belay Glasses allow you to look up at your climbing partner without tilting your head back. This reduces the neck strain many climbers experience during extended belay sessions. The glasses feature a durable, lightweight frame and low-profile nose pads, and can be worn over prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. Belay glasses may seem like an unnecessary luxury until you use them, and then you’ll wonder how you lived without them. Get a pair – your neck and your partner will thank you.

Best for climbers seeking a one-harness solution for trad, sport and multi-pitch routes

Black Diamond Solution HarnessBlack Diamond Solution Harness

Black Diamond Solution Harness

A versatile harness for cragging and multi-pitch climbing

Most climbers spend their time clipping bolts, plugging gear, and occasionally venturing onto some longer multi-pitch climbs. If this sounds like you, then check out the Solution harness. This versatile harness delivers the comfort and support you need on longer climbs while still being sufficiently light and agile for desperate sport-climbing redpoints. The Solution features BD’s Fusion Comfort Technology, which consists of three rows of webbing in the waist and leg loops to better distribute the pressure when you’re hanging. BD also specs four moulded gear loops for plenty of racking space on those longer routes.

Best for climbers with dry, cracked skin

Climbskin Hand CreamClimbskin Hand Cream

Climbskin Hand Cream

A specially formulated hand cream for climbers

Climbers suffering from dry skin and split tips will appreciate the Climbskin Hand Cream. The cream’s unique formulation is non-greasy and can applied after every climbing session to ensure healthy skin for the next day. Climbers can also apply the cream one to two hours before climbing to prevent split tips and reduce sweating.

Best for climbers seeking a durable and easy-to-clip draw for sport climbing

Black Diamond HotForge QuickdrawBlack Diamond HotForge Quickdraw

Black Diamond Hotforge Quickdraw

An easy-to-clip sport climbing quickdraw at a great price

Sport climbing can be hard on draws, and most of us have a few that are either gouged out by hangers or worn down by the rope. So, rather than risk a dirt nap, consider updating your current quickdraw rack with the BD’s Hotforge Quickdraw. Consisting of a straight and bent gate Hotforge carabiner and a beefy polyester dogbone, this draw offers excellent performance during desperate clips. The biners feature hot-forged construction, which allows BD to move material where it is most needed, resulting in lower weight and superb durability. The relatively simple-looking dogbone has an integrated rubber Straitjacket insert that prevents the bent gate biner from shifting during clips. Get some of these draws and put your mind at ease when you’re racing to the anchors.

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