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Step Inside the Ultimate Off-Grid Vacation Family Home

by Staff

Living in the middle of a hidden paradise without any mainland utilities, urban regulations, and all the hassle of contemporary cities while still enjoying the full comfort of a modern lifestyle seems like an impossible dream for many of us. Yet, folks all over the world keep showing us that it’s possible. The Shearwater is more than a house on wheels; it’s a bold project that challenged the possibilities of off-grid tiny living and, ultimately, it’s the ideal fully self-sufficient vacation home.

In the spring of 2020, when the pandemic was at its height, the need for isolation and self-sufficiency also peaked. That’s when the lucky owners of the Shearwater tiny home got their new abode delivered to them. The delivery itself was an adventure.

The final destination was an unserviced island off the coast of Vancouver Island, which meant not only a lack of access to power but also no paved roads or even ferry access. This tiny home’s journey to its owners was a maiden voyage across the water, with the help of a barge company, followed by a bumpy ride on a narrow dirt road.

Thankfully, the Shearwater was specifically designed to be lightweight yet rugged. Even the utility shed that was also specifically designed to store the home’s off-grid equipment could easily fit right between the wheel wells of the pickup truck bed. Although it wasn’t simple, the delivery journey was worth it. The Shearwater and its separate utility shed arrived safely at the heavenly location that anyone would love to call home – the dreamiest setup for a vacation home.

Photo: Rewild Homes

But there was more. The Rewild Homes team had to go back to the location to set up and check the home’s complex off-grid system. Still, nobody complained because the trip turned into a wonderful exploration of Gabriola Island and its surroundings. As for the brand-new home, it quickly became a self-sufficient haven for its owners.

Huge solar panels, mounted on lightweight aluminum brackets, were placed somewhere near the home in order to get maximum sun exposure. The eaves for rainwater collection were installed on the house after delivery and connected to a large-capacity storage tank that was also connected to the treatment system inside the utility shed.

This treated water would then be supplied to the home with the help of a pressurizing water pump. Deep-cycle AMG batteries, an inverter, and a charge controller were also included in the off-grid package. Inside, the on-demand water heater, space heat system, and cooking range all ran on propane.

The Shearwater

Photo: Rewild Homes

The full-size fridge/freezer was electric, and the toilet was a composting version. All of this resulted in a home that could thrive in this wild paradise that did not provide power, water, or septic connections. The Shearwater was equipped to harvest its own power and water and ensure year-round comfortable living without any outside help.

Some might fear that a rugged home on wheels designed for full self-sufficiency might be just as rugged on the inside. The Shearwater, however, is just as modern, comfortable, and even stylish as a regular tiny house. Beautiful floors and well-crafted pieces of furniture complement the white walls and ceilings.

Large glass doors help turn the lounge area at the front of the house into a wonderful indoor/outdoor oasis. Large windows flood the entire ground floor with natural light. In fact, this off-grid tiny is remarkably luminous throughout.

The Shearwater

Photo: Rewild Homes

The spacious lounge is versatile enough to allow various configurations and functions. The well-equipped kitchen mimics the comfort of a traditional cooking space, while modern bi-folding windows turn it into an indoor/outdoor area for BBQs and summer parties. The countertop’s foldable extension turns into a convenient breakfast bar without taking up any extra space.

A sliding door separates the bathroom from the main cooking and lounging area. It’s only big enough for the basics, with the added benefit of a large window. Apart from being luminous and cozy, the Shearwater also provides generous accommodation. As a dual-loft, 24-feet-long (7.3 meters), it can easily sleep at least four people.

A classic staircase with added storage leads to the main bedroom, which has beautiful flooring and ample room for a double bed. Multiple windows and an additional skylight make this loft bedroom extra bright and well-ventilated. The second loft, connected to the main floor via a ladder, is smaller and has just one window. Both lofts were fitted with minimalistic metal handrails instead of solid protection walls, which amplifies a sense of natural flow and openness.

The Shearwater

Photo: Rewild Homes

Although designed and equipped to operate as a vacation home in a heavenly location, the Shearwater is a comfortable family home in every way. What better way to immerse yourself in outdoor living without sacrificing one bit of comfort? Sustainability and luxurious comfort can co-exist inside this cleverly-built house on wheels.

The Shearwater is one of the most inspirational homes for those who dream about living off-grid. The only thing to keep in mind is that in the case of fully self-sufficient tiny homes, the initial investment is considerably bigger compared to conventional ones. Also, delivery might be trickier, depending on how remote the final destination is. Still, all of this initial effort will be followed by blissful living in the middle of nature, with the unique satisfaction of true freedom.

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