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Taylor Ann Green, Gaston Rojas Jamaican Vacation Pics

by Staff

It seems love is still in the air for Taylor Ann Green.

A month after her fun-filled group trip to Miami, the Southern Charm-er headed to Jamaica for a romantic getaway with Gaston Rojas, the MLB-certified agent she began dating last year. Taylor shared several looks at the vacation on her Instagram Stories, beginning with a March 15 video of her and Gaston’s hotel suite that featured stunning ocean views.

The following Stories showed the couple embracing some PDA on an afternoon boat ride, enjoying the gorgeous ocean sunset, and posing on the beach while dressed to the nines. It’s unclear if Taylor and Gaston were celebrating a special occasion, but what is clear is that the two are still going strong. 

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How Taylor Ann Green met her new man, Gaston Rojas

Taylor confirmed the relationship during a December 2023 interview with The Daily Dish, more than a year after she split from her Summer Charm castmate Shep Rose

“I am seeing somebody. I am currently dating, so things are going really well,” she said. ”I feel very happy and confident. It’s a good feeling to have… I’m just looking for a best friend — somebody to do life with, laugh, have a good time [with], and don’t take life too seriously. Each day should be just a gift. That’s what I wanted, and just share it with somebody.”

Taylor also revealed she was introduced to Gaston through his roommate, Southern Hospitality bartender TJ Dinch. Taylor said she and Gaston started hanging out in the summer of 2023 and eventually found themselves on an “accidental date.”

“We were supposed to be going out to dinner with some friends, and then our friend bailed, and so it was just the two of us,” she told Us Weekly back in October. “And we were like, ‘I’m oddly really enjoying this. I didn’t think I was going to, but here we are.’”

Where does Taylor Ann Green stand with her ex-boyfriend Shep Rose?

Although she is no longer romantically involved with Shep, Taylor revealed the Southern Charm OG has remained quite close with her and her family. She explained their dynamic during a January episode of the Viall Files podcast, saying she had forgiven Shep for his admitted infidelity and the way he handled their subsequent breakup. 

“Shep is the type of person where he will always want to be friends with his exes,” she said. “So after we broke up, he just wanted to be friends, right off the bat. And I was, like, ‘This is not how this works. You hurt me, deeply hurt me’… 

Taylor continued: “After my brother’s passing, he was one of the first people to show up. He drove up to Raleigh and was there to be with me and my family, and so that was really big… We do have a good, close friendship. He’s still in group messages with my family.”

Taylor Ann Green insists she’ll never get back with Shep Rose

The former orthodontics assistant acknowledged that the friendship may seem unusual to outsiders, considering all the drama that played out between her and Shep; however, Taylor insisted that her loved ones are supportive of the relationship, even her new man, Gaston.

“[Gaston] gets it,” Taylor said. “He’s understanding, where he goes, ‘… It’s a friendship and it’s nothing more than that’… In no way do I ever think that Shep is trying to sneak his way back in and in no way will I ever want to get back together with him. What’s done is done. I’ve moved forward and he is a friend to me and that’s it.”

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