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Teachers: Teachers demand retests for Class 5 and 8 students after summer vacation | Mumbai News

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Mumbai: Teachers are unhappy with the state’s directives to hold retest for students failing in class 5 and 8 annual exams, when they are on summer vacation. Bringing back the detention policy, class 5 and 8 students will write exams to determine if they will be promoted or detained in the same class. The exams, based on second semester syllabus will be held next month. Schools have been directed to conduct retest for those failing the exams. The retest has to be held before the academic year 2024-25 starts from June 15. Teachers have demanded the retest be taken after schools reopen after the summer vacation. Rajesh Pandya, vice-president of the Mumbai Teachers Democratic Union said teachers and students go to their native towns during the vacation. If retest has go be held in June, teachers and students will have to curtail their holidays. The union has written to the state to look into teachers demand of a retest when schools reopen. For the retest schools will have to set separate question papers. Having the retest before the new academic year begins is to ensure that students know whether they are detained or promoted before the new academic year begins, said education officials.

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