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Tesla Chargers at Choice Hotels Ease EV Travel in the USA

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The era of electric vehicle (EV) road trips in the United States is taking a significant leap forward, especially for Tesla owners, thanks to a growing network of charging stations. A seamless journey to Orlando highlights the increasing convenience, yet underscores existing challenges like charger availability. However, a new announcement from Choice Hotels International about installing Tesla chargers nationwide promises to tackle one of the biggest hurdles for EV travelers.

Riding the Electric Wave: Personal Experience

Embarking on a road trip in an EV has become markedly more feasible. My recent trip to Orlando in a Tesla was nearly as hassle-free as driving a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle, largely due to the ubiquity of Supercharging stations. However, the trip revealed some roadblocks, such as occupied or malfunctioning chargers. Solutions like consulting PlugShare for real-time charger status or arranging overnight charging with hotels have proven effective, albeit with room for improvement.

Choice Hotels: Pioneering EV Hospitality

In a groundbreaking move, Choice Hotels International has announced plans to install Tesla charging stations at their properties across the United States. This initiative is set to significantly alleviate the concern of finding reliable charging stations for EV drivers on the move. By incorporating Tesla’s charging technology, recognized as the North American Charging Standard, this strategy not only benefits Tesla owners but opens up new possibilities for all EV drivers. The Cambria brand, under Choice Hotels, is leading the charge, with a commitment to offer EV charging at every location by the end of 2024.

Charging Ahead: The Future of EV Road Trips

The integration of Tesla chargers in hotel chains marks a pivotal development in the EV ecosystem. This initiative by Choice Hotels underscores the critical role of charging infrastructure in the hospitality sector, setting a new standard for traveler convenience. Furthermore, the recent expansion of Tesla Supercharging sites, such as the one opened in North Carolina by the Sylva Tourism Development Board, exemplifies the concerted effort to enhance the EV travel experience. Sylva’s new Supercharging station significantly boosts the network, promising up to 200 miles of charge in just 15 minutes.

The decision by Choice Hotels to embrace EV charging facilities not only caters to the growing demographic of EV drivers but signals an industry-wide shift towards sustainable travel options. As more companies follow suit, the future of EV road trips looks brighter than ever, paving the way for a new era of eco-friendly travel. This move by Choice Hotels, particularly with their Cambria brand, could herald a transformative period for the hospitality and EV sectors, where convenience meets sustainability.

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