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Texas Grandmother Takes Grandkids On Spring Break Road Trip To Every Buc-ee’s In The State

by Staff

In one week, Judy Martin accomplished what most Texans can only dream of, and she did it in a minivan filled with kids.

The high school teacher from Port Neches spent her spring break traveling to each of the state’s 36 Buc-ee’s locations with her five grandchildren, all between the ages of three and eight.

“It was a lot!” she told Southern Living. “A lot of memories. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

Speaking with MySA, Martin said that she spent roughly two weeks planning out every little detail of the 1,600-mile trip. She put a checklist decal on the back of her van so they could mark off each stop and created a Facebook group so friends and family could follow along. 

Judy Martin

Around 10 a.m. on March 11 they were off, knocking out all eight locations between Baytown and Katy on their first day. Over the following six days, they experienced all the sparkling bathrooms and Beaver Nuggets the Lone Star State has to offer, making sure to take photos and buy souvenirs at each stop. 

Judy Martin

Knowing her audience, Martin made sure to incorporate non-Buc-ee’s activities into the vacation, choosing hotels with indoor pools and planning fun stops at other local attractions. She also coordinated rendezvous with friends and family members when possible.

At around 5 p.m. on March 17, they checked the final Buc-ee’s off their list. 

Judy Martin

As far as the individual locations go, Martin said that her grandkids agree that the Buc-ee’s in Terrell was their favorite. Why? Because that stop turned into a bit of an adventure. 

“The power went out while we were there,” she recalled. “It stayed out for a while, but people could still buy things because they had a generator that kept a few lights on and their registers.”

Martin’s favorite, on the other hand, wasn’t on their list at all. In fact, it isn’t even a true Buc-ee’s. 

“My favorite stop was headquarters! Getting to see where all of the people who run the corporation are housed,” she shared, noting that the Buc-ee’s headquarters in Lake Jackson is “very unassuming,” and looks more like a big house than a business. 

Judy Martin

With the open road behind her and her collection of souvenir t-shirts ready to be turned into a quilt, Martin is already planning her next Buc-ee’s-themed vacation.

“Considering all of the Buc-ee’s OUTSIDE of Texas!” she wrote on her Facebook page. “This summer?!” 

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