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Home Vacation “That Cigar Ain’t Even Lit”: Floyd Mayweather’s Lavish Vacation Flex Goes Wrong as Fans Mock Him for His Failure

“That Cigar Ain’t Even Lit”: Floyd Mayweather’s Lavish Vacation Flex Goes Wrong as Fans Mock Him for His Failure

by Staff

Floyd Mayweather is not called ‘Money’ for no reason. The boxer is one of the richest athletes in the world and enjoys extravagance to the fullest. He recently posted about the elite Cuban tobacco that he had got his hands on while vacationing with his family in Cuba. In his latest post, we can see the smart businessman enjoying a good time at the beach. However, something unexpected caught the eye of the fans.

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Mayweather is known for his out-of-ordinary spending habits. Now that he is retired and only fights in certain exhibition bouts, he has much more time on his hands to enjoy the experiences his fine life has to offer, one of them being on a vacation in the Caribbean. Let us see what fans have to say about this lavish trip.

Floyd Mayweather enjoys his solitude in Cuba


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Mayweather posted on his Instagram updating fans about his whereabouts while simultaneously showing off the place where he was staying at. The seaside abode had every amenity and luxury possible. The seven slides which contained both photos and videos, also showed the boxer having a gala time at the palatial place, which boasted a private swimming pool and jacuzzi along with delicious food and music for entertainment. However, the last two slides showed him sitting on the beach all by himself with a cigar between his fingers.

What caught the fans’ eyes was the cigar that he was apparently smoking. Why? It was supposedly not lit. Fans, therefore, took the opportunity to mock the boxing legend for his alleged failure to know how to smoke a cigar.

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Fans have a few questions for ‘Money’

Most fans were curious to know why the cigar was not lit.

“Man show us how he rolled that cigar,” asked one fan referring to Mayweather’s last post where he cut the clip right before the tobacco was rolled.

“Yo champ that cigar ain’t even lit my boi,” noticed another.

Another fan noticed that the cigar that Mayweather was smoking was apparently not lit. “Floyd no smoking cigar,” he said.


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“fr tho what is bro doing,” rhetorically asked another fan.

“Notice how he’s all by himself most of the time,” remarked another fan who thought the champion looked lonely.

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Did it catch your eye as well? Or were you too mesmerized by the place which he showed to the fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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